Upper house

Work wins everywhere in Perth and WA

“WA has more representation here and as my colleagues have said, today is not the day to discuss that,” she said.

Perth MP Patrick Gorman and Senator Sue Lines, who is vice-president of the Senate and would be the natural choice as president, also deflected questions.

“Today is about celebrating these fabulous new Labor MPs,” Gorman said.

“Sufficient notice”

Labor ousted the Liberals by four seats in Perth Underground and a fifth, Moore, is still in doubt.

Liberal incumbent Ian Goodenough leads by just 835 votes with 68.9% of the vote counted, but the mail-in vote tally tends towards the Liberals.

It was previously held by the Liberals with an 11.6% margin.


Goodenough has been embroiled in controversy for his involvement in the ‘Clan’, a group of Liberal WA MPs and party members led by former Finance Minister Mathias Corman and State Upper House MPs Nick Goiran and Peter Collier.

Tom French, the Electrician candidate-turned-Labour lawyer, faces a nervous wait as mail-in and early votes are counted, but said Goodenough was ‘now warned’.

“I think people have Moore spoken, they’ve sent a very strong message. I think they expect more from their members, he said.

Former WA Police Officer of the Year and former Malaysian Dolphins trainer Sam Lim also caused one of the biggest upsets of the campaign, ousting Civil Service Minister Ben Morton from his former Blue Ribbon seat of Tangney.

He said he had been approached to join Labor by state upper house member Kate Doust and would work hard for the electorate over the next 36 months.