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Wood Mackenzie Brings Light to Puerto Rican Homes

LONDON/HOUSTON/SINGAPORE, March 08, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — A team of three analysts from global energy consultancy Wood Mackenzie, a Verisk (Nasdaq: VRSK) company, is in Puerto Rico this week to help install solar panels on homes as part of a new initiative with the charity Let’s Share the Sun Foundation.

Analysts, from Wood Mackenzie energy teams across the Americas, trade laptops for ladders as they join local workers and volunteers to install 60 solar panels on five homes that lack consistent access to electricity energy with limited or no connection to the power grid.

The trip is part of a new initiative by Wood Mackenzie to support Share the Sun through fundraising and volunteerism. Wood Mackenzie will also use its expertise in the renewable energy sector to share its knowledge with local utilities regarding the positive impact of distributed renewable energy generation in Puerto Rico and other regions.

Luke Lewandowski, Director of Energy and Renewable Energy Research of the Americas and champion of the initiative at Wood Mackenzie, said: “Having spent my career in renewables and now in the energy transition space, needs of people in remote areas, who struggle for affordable and reliable services. access to energy, struck a chord in me.

“Hurricane Maria, which hit Puerto Rico in 2017, damaged 80% of the territory’s electricity grid. Prospects for improvement are dim with limited capital, infrastructure challenges and the growing risk of intense weather events caused by global warming. We see an opportunity with Let’s Share the Sun to help local communities access clean, sustainable energy – something most of us take for granted.

Puerto Rico has pledged to meet its electricity needs with 100% renewable energy by 2050. In February 2022, the government of Puerto Rico and three U.S. federal agencies – the departments of energy, security Interior and Housing and Urban Development – signed an Understanding Memorandum of Understanding to align federal funds with local policies. In 2023, the group will complete a two-year study, “Puerto Rico Grid Resilience and Transitions to 100% Renewable Energy” (PR100), examining how the United States territory can achieve 100% renewable energy by 2050.

Lewandowski said, “The U.S. government promises that 2022 will be a ‘year of action’ in Puerto Rico’s transition to 100% clean energy and the team at Wood Mackenzie is very pleased to contribute with time, knowledge and a fundraiser.”

Valentina Izquierdo, Senior Research Analyst, Latin America Solar, and Prachi Mehta, Senior Market Analyst, EV and Midmarkets, are also in the small Puerto Rican mountain village of Adjuntas this week to help install the solar panels.

“This trip kicks off our initiative with Share the Sun,” Lewandowski said.

“In addition to physical support for the installation of solar panels, we will be hosting webinars related to the energy transition to raise awareness and funds, and our employees donate and organize fundraising events which are co-funded by Wood Mackenzie and our parent company Verisk.”

Share the Sun works with Casa Pueblo, a community organization that promotes environmental protection and champions solar energy throughout Adjuntas. On this project, Casa Pueblo participated in the evaluation of more than 200 houses and the selection of beneficiaries.

Bernadette Jordan, Executive Director of Let’s Share the Sun Foundation, said, “We have already seen the positive impact of this initiative. Just a few days ago we visited a recipient who was amazed that they didn’t need to run a generator for their running oxygen machine during an extended outage. We are happy to provide resilient, independent nutrition to those who need it most, and look forward to a continued relationship with Wood Mackenzie.

Donations to the Let’s Share the Sun and Wood Mackenzie solar installation projects in Puerto Rico can be made here.



Images of the solar panel installation taking place this week can be downloaded here. Illustrated representatives include:

  • Luke Lewandowski (Director of Energy and Renewable Energy Research for the Americas, Wood Mackenzie)
  • Prachi Mehta (Senior Research Analyst, Wood Mackenzie)
  • Valentina Izquierdo (Senior Research Analyst, Wood Mackenzie)
  • Bernadette Jordan (Executive Director of the Share the Sun Foundation)
  • Gary Beckwith (Director of Solar Education and Demonstration and Solar Bus Driver)
  • Tim McCorry-Reynolds (on-site manager for the Share the Sun Foundation).

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About Share the Sun
The Let’s Share the Sun Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit organization whose mission is to install solar energy in the poorest regions of the world, including Africa, Asia and Latin America, places very exposed to the sun, but which lack fundamental resources to exploit its energy. .

Share the Sun works with trusted local solar installers, panel manufacturers and US solar developers to install solar power systems in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

For more information, please contact the Executive Director of Let’s Share the Sun: Bernadette Jordan, 518-859-2639, [email protected]

About Casa Pueblo
Casa Pueblo is a community organization committed to the enhancement and protection of natural, cultural and human resources. Over the past forty years, Casa Pueblo has become a hub for resilience, education, and environmental advocacy in the mountain town of Adjuntas, Puerto Rico. Housed in a building powered entirely by solar energy since 1999, Casa Pueblo is a strong advocate for the ability of solar energy to reduce environmental impact and improve human life. To learn more, visit www.casapueblo.org.

  • Wood Mackenzie Brings Light to Puerto Rican Homes