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Will the government step in to save the Mahogany Run golf course – for tourism? | Opinion

The economic and social impact of the loss of the Mahogany Run golf course in St. Thomas, since the two 2017 hurricanes and now during the COVID-19 crisis, continues.

The inability to play golf impacts our ability to attract cruise ship passengers and land tourists who choose a golf-based Caribbean destination as part of their vacation. St. Thomas, and the US Virgin Islands as a whole, compete for tourists and vacationers with Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Bermuda, the Bahamas and other Caribbean islands, all of which have golf courses.

The lack of a quality golf course has an impact on the relocation of businesses to St. Thomas as well as the attraction of new permanent residents. New residents and businesses have many choices as to where to move and live. Recreational options are an integral part of their decision.

St. Thomas residents, including children, adults and seniors, are feeling the recreational loss of Mahogany Run. The youth programs played a major role in the success of the course. The course has provided long-term employment for many islanders. The course was a major social center for the island and a venue for social events such as business conferences and weddings.

Now is the time for the government to intervene. Four years is quite a long time. Exert political and economic pressure. Encourage partnerships with concerned citizens and the holiday industry. Hurry up. The route cannot be saved if more time passes.

– David Shear, St. Thomas