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UK to send Stormer armored vehicles with anti-aircraft missile launchers to Ukraine

A A woman from the Ukrainian city of Odessa says she was lucky to escape a Russian missile attack at a hair salon as a foil cap protected her from serious injury, writes Nataliya Vasilyeva.

Until last weekend, the Black Sea port of Odessa had been spared the intense airstrikes and shelling the south of the country witnessed when the city came after the first major Russian airstrike since the beginning of the war two months ago.

One of the Russian missiles that hit Odessa on Saturday landed near a hair salon.

An anonymous client filmed herself walking out of the salon, wearing a haircut cape and hair leaves. “Hello, Russian worlds, let me show you what kind of Nazis you’re fighting,” she said, showing the camera a bleeding wound in her hand.

“Us girls decided to do a bit of a hairdresser – and a missile fell right on our hairdresser. Thank you, Russian world!

In another video recorded later that day, the hair salon customer joked about how she wondered what the odds were she could be “hit by a missile”.

“One in a million, said the blonde woman with a patch on her right shoulder.

“Well, that day has come. I was saved by circumstances.

The woman said she sat with the foil cap on during her coloring as she heard a hiss before the missile hit the building.