Upper house

The Senate passes a bill to resolve disputes between landlords and tenants


The Senate passed three bills on Monday, including the Islamabad Rent Restriction (Amendment) Bill 2021, aimed at resolving landlord-tenant issues without unnecessary delay.

The bill, introduced by Senator Mohsin Aziz, was passed unanimously after an article by article prepared by President Muhammad Sadiq Sanjrani.

Aziz said the amendment would help resolve the issue of protracted litigation due to some loopholes in some lease laws and bring relief to petitioners at the earliest.

“This bill will be helpful in the early evacuation of any rented premises and put it on the next lease after the lease expires,” he said.

The upper house also unanimously approved the Commerce (Amendment) Bill 2021 to amend the Business Organizations Act 2013. amending the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1898.

He held an in-depth debate on a bill to amend the Pakistani Penal Code of 1860 and the Code of Criminal Procedure of 1989, ultimately referring them to the Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) for its opinion.

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The amendment classified a suicide attempt as an “illness” and not a “crime”, suggesting appropriate treatment rather than punishment.

State Minister for Parliamentary Affairs Ali Muhammad Khan was of the opinion that suicide was “prohibited” in Islam, and due to the sensitivity of the issue, the proposed amendment required further “thorough evaluation” .

House leader Dr Shahzad Waseem said the proposed amendment equates suicide with a mental disorder and suggested that no punishment be imposed on the person who attempts to commit suicide. aspects, ”he said, soliciting the views of religious scholars and scientific experts.

Later, Senator Faisal Javed asked the upper house to withdraw the bill amending the 1997 Federal Civil Service Commission Ordinance. He informed the Senate that the relevant authorities had assured the relevant standing committee that the FPSC rules would be changed in accordance with the spirit of the proposed amendment, so there was no need to make an amendment to the bill.

He said the amendment was aimed at evaluating jobs within the FPSC and ensuring merit, and the relevant authorities had ensured that the required procedural changes were made in the relevant rules. In due course, Faisal Javed said, he would bring forward a “comprehensive bill” primarily to secure the merit of the FPSC.

The upper house also returned a bill, proposed by Senators Seemee Ezdi, Khalida Ateeb and Mushahid Hussain Sayed, which sought to establish the Psychological Council of Pakistan. [The Pakistan Psychological Council Bill, 2021], to the relevant standing committee for further deliberation.

Previously, three bills, including the amendment to the Banking Companies Ordinance, 1962 [The Banking Companies (Amendment) Bill, 2021], amendment to the Registration Act, 1908 [The Registration (Amendment) Bill, 2021], and an amendment to the Narcotic Substances Control Act, 1997[TheControlofNarcoticSubstances(Amendment)2021hasbeenpresentedandreferredtothepermanentcommitteesconcernedfordebateevaluation[TheControlofNarcoticSubstances(Amendment)Bill20refated[Leprojetdeloisurlecontrôledessubstancesnarcotiques(amendement)2021aétéprésentéetrenvoyéauxcommissionspermanentesconcernéespourévaluationdudébat[TheControlofNarcoticSubstances(Amendment)Bill2021wereintroducedandreferredtothestandingcommitteesconcernedforevaluationofthedebate