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Southern Gateway to Chennai, Tambaram is now a municipal corporation

Tambaram, the gateway to Chennai from southern Tamil Nadu, is now a municipal corporation and an ordinance has been issued to that effect, the state government in Chennai said Thursday.

The move follows the recent announcement by Minister of Municipal Administration, KN Nehru to the Assembly, that the Municipality of Tambaram and the four neighboring municipalities, city panchayats and village panchayats would be merged to form a corporation. municipal council of the city.

“Considering the rapid pace of urbanization in the state, it is imperative to reorganize local urban bodies,” said an explanatory statement published in the state’s official gazette.

The municipalities of Tambaram, Pallavapuram, Pammal, Anakaputhur and Sembakkam and the municipal panchayats of Chitlapakkam, Madambakkam, Perungaluthur, Peerkangaranai and Tiruneermalai located south of the city of Chennai are rapidly urbanizing and contiguous.

In addition, there is a need to modernize civic infrastructure such as street lights, water supply, sewage, solid waste management and roads in these localities and meet the aspirations of the people, according to the explanatory note.

Better administrative structure, human resources and integrated planning are needed to address these issues, according to the notification.

“Therefore, the consolidation of these local bodies into one larger urban local body, namely (Tambaram) City Municipal Corporation, is seen as essential. In addition to providing an appropriate administrative setup, this will help optimize resources for efficient service delivery to the general public, ”the government said.

The 2021 Tambaram City Municipal Corporation Ordinance was notified in the TN Gazatee (extraordinary) government on November 3, 2021 and was made available to the media on Thursday. The ordinance was issued when the Legislative Assembly was not in session.

Elections for urban local authorities are expected to be held soon in Tamil Nadu.

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