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Siddaramaiah’s remarks on ‘head-covering’ seers, offers clarification after controversy

Former Karnataka Chief Minister and Leader of the Opposition in the Legislative Assembly Siddaramaiah has come under fire for his remarks in which he said Hindu women and even seers cover their heads with a cloth. While speaking on the ongoing controversy surrounding the wearing of hijab in Karnataka, Siddaramaiah remarked, “Now Muslims say they are ready to wear uniform and they should be given the opportunity to wear Dupatta .Whether they wear what they want, on the shoulder or on the head. See, I wear it on my shoulder. Similarly, Jain girls wear the saree on their head, even Hindu girls wear it on their head, even clairvoyants wear it on their head. Let them wear it, what’s wrong with that.

In issuing a clarification on the matter on Saturday, the Congress leader said he has great respect for psychics and has never made disrespectful remarks against them.

Siddaramaiah told reporters, “I personally have immense respect for Swamijis. I have never spoken or disrespected Swamijis at any time. I have spoken of headscarves and I have never mentioned hijab. I talked about exams and allowing students to wear dupattas the same color as their uniforms.”

“During the assembly session, I had told CN Minister Ashwath Narayan and BC Nagesh that the court had ordered not to wear hijab inside the classroom and that students should wear a school uniform. I asked them to allow the dupatta in the same color as the uniform.. It is up to the government to accept it. I have done my duty so that the future of the students will not be messed up, he added.

Siddaramaiah said: “We are not against uniforms, let students wear uniforms and let them wear dupattas in the color of their uniforms. It is the government’s responsibility to educate children. If not attend under consideration puts their future at risk, the government is As an opposition, it is our duty to advise the government Whether the government accepts it or not, it is not our role.

Karnataka HC Interim Order

In its interim order, the Karnataka HC observed that “the question whether wearing the hijab in class is part of the essential religious practice of Islam in light of the constitutional guarantees requires further consideration”. It further prohibited students, regardless of religion or faith, from wearing saffron (Bhagwa) shawls, scarves, hijabs, religious or other flags in the classroom, until further notice. Schools and colleges in Karnataka have reopened amid protests for and against hijabs – with Hindu students wearing saffron shawls.

Earlier in December last year, the Principal of Kundapur PU University in Udipi – Rudra Gowda issued a circular – banning students from wearing hijab in classrooms, saying it was to ensure the ‘uniformity. The decision caused an outcry, with female students wearing hijabs and female students wearing headscarves being barred from attending university. To make matters worse, students from the other community (presumably Hindu) started wearing saffron scarves at the university in protest against Muslim students wearing the hijab. With protests erupting across Karnataka with hijab-clad women standing in solidarity and students wearing saffron headscarves against them, the state government has banned the wearing of clothes that tend to disturb equality, the integrity and public order and imposed section 144 in some cases. districts.