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Reading murder suspect arrested in Puerto Rico

Man wanted in Reading murder arrested in Puerto Rico, town hall says

Luis Cepeda-Morales, 20, was arrested today by Puerto Rico police, according to communications coordinator Christian Crespo.

Berks County District Attorney John T. Adams approved his extradition for first-degree murder and related charges filed by criminal investigator Trevor Atkins, Crespo said.

Cepeda-Morales is charged with the July 31 death of Edwin Rivera-Valentin in the 400 block of Spring Garden Street.

Police gave this account of the murder:

A witness told police he drove to the block to pick up Rivera-Valentin around 3 a.m. and found Rivera-Valentin of Reading in an argument with a woman and her son, Cepeda-Morales.

Rivera-Valentin insisted on getting his belongings from the residence, and as the argument escalated, he pulled out a handgun and fired two bullets into the air.

The witness repeatedly yelled at Rivera-Valentin to get in the car so they could drive away. He noticed Cepeda-Morales holding an old fashioned handgun. Cepeda-Morales attempted to ram the slide, but the weapon appeared to have jammed.

Cepeda-Morales said “I’ll be right back” and entered the house. Rivera-Valentin leaned on the trunk of the friend’s car, as the witness begged him to get in so they could drive away.

Cepeda-Morales came out of the house with a gun and fired into the back of the car. The witness saw the rear window break and left.

Rivera-Valentin was later found dead at the scene.

Investigators determined that Cepeda-Morales fired the shots at Rivera-Morales several car lengths away, and one of the bullets shattered the rear windshield and also damaged the front windshield, missing the head of the driver a few centimeters.

Eight empty cartridges were found in the street.