Readers’ Forum, part 1, December 4, 2021: a smell rises from the “super legislature” | Letters to the Editor

The smell rises of the “super legislature”

Seeing today’s diary, November 26, on page A3 on how Governor Eric Holcomb once again took the reins of leadership in responding to yet another COVID-19 outbreak / crisis, I saw just shook his head.

Was it really that important for Indiana’s so-called “super legislature” to pass a law allowing them to override the leadership of a governor? Now, when it was the first chance they had to try out their new law, they decided that the health of the residents of Indiana was not important enough to give up their Thanksgiving vacation and therefore, they would. have postponed until next year? Seriously?

Hopefully sick Hoosiers can get the monoclonal antibody infusion, or “the pill,” in time to keep them from dying.

To be clear, all their gerrymandering, all their rhetoric, all their refusal of the Fox News Covid-19 vaccine and the exclusion of the Indiana Democratic minority to pass this law, all their “protection” of “business” in the world. ‘Indiana was nothing but “super gas super legislature” and it really stinks.

Can we expect more of the same when Jim Banks, R-Ind., Who contemplates being Speaker of the United States House if Republicans get a majority in Congress again? Is this why they made laws making it harder for voters to vote in Indiana? It’s a shame Kevin McCarthy told lie after lie for Trump. He ruined his reputation for Trump. McCarthy held onto the Republican lies about the “stolen” election and the insurgency lie – excuse me?

Letter writer Shirley Thomas was arraigned for calling it an “insurgency” last week. Kevin McCarthy has removed Vice President Dick Cheney’s daughter from her leadership role for telling the truth. I guess there is only a “culture of cancellation” for someone who is not loyal to Donald Trump and his betrayal coup attempt. Especially the Republican vice-presidents, even if they do not stay with the wind of the “so-called” Republican leaders.

– John Garner, Terre Haute

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