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Rajya Sabha TMC Member Arpita Ghosh Resigns and Seeks Party Work | Latest India News

Trinamool Congresswoman Arpita Ghosh has resigned from the Rajya Sabha, and her resignation has been accepted by House Speaker and Deputy Speaker M Venkaiah Naidu, a notification from the Upper House Secretariat of the Parliament.

Ghosh said she now wanted to work for the party organization.

“Ms. Arpita Ghosh, elected member of the Council of States (Rajya Sabha), representing the State of West Bengal, resigned her seat in Rajya Sabha, and her resignation was accepted by the President, Rajya Sabha wef on September 15, 2021 “, indicates the notification.

Ghosh was among those suspended amid the uproar in the Upper House during the recently ended parliamentary session, in which MPs and marshals were reportedly injured.

Sources said his party instigated Ghosh’s move.

In a letter to TMC National Secretary General Abhishek Banerjee, Ghosh thanked the party for giving him the opportunity to serve the people in various capacities.

“After our huge victory in the 2021 election, I thought seriously about how I should continue to play a role in our party. I would be more interested if I could be given a role to work for the party and in the State of West Bengal, even without being a member of Parliament.

“My goal is clear: I wish to continue serving the people of Bengal under the leadership of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. I think I would be in a better position to achieve my goals by stepping down as a member of Rajya Sabha and directly and coming and work directly in Bengal, ”she said in the letter.

According to a senior TMC official, she is likely to play a role in organizing the party, especially in North Bengal.

Ghosh was elected to Rajya Sabha as the TMC candidate in March 2020 after losing to Balurghat in the Lok Sabha 2019 ballot.

Ghosh, a theater artist, had her first contact with politics when she became an important face of the TMC intellectual brigade during the Nandigram and Singur movement in 2006-2008.

In 2014, she won the Lok Sabha polls from Balurghat as a TMC candidate.

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