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Raj Governor challenges “rubber stamp” positioning with many firsts!

By Archana Sharma

Jaipur, December 5 (IANS): The governorship is often referred to as a “rubber stamp” by experts across the political spectrum. However, Kalraj Mishra challenged this positioning by winning with many firsts as governor of Rajasthan.

For the first time in the country’s history, Governor Kalraj Mishra started a new tradition by reading the preamble to the Constitution and Fundamental Duties in the “Governor’s Budget Speech” to the Legislative Assembly.

Recently, the bill passed by the state government to amend the Rajasthan Compulsory Marriage Registration Act 2009 was not approved by the governor as it did not appear to be beneficial to society. Later, the president of the National Commission for the Protection of the Rights of the Child also opposed the draft amendment.

Eventually, a “silent dialogue” was initiated between the governor and the state government who then decided to recall the “Rajasthan Compulsory Marriage Registration (Amendment) Bill 2021” and have it reconsidered. .

Governor Kalraj Mishra had previously put the bill on hold for further legal review, which provided for mandatory registration of all marriages.

Later, speaking at a reception, Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot said: “The bill has been introduced in the spirit of a Supreme Court order on compulsory registration of marriages. But a misconception has been created regarding child marriage, so we will ask the governor to send the bill back to the government.

The governor also took the initiative to build constitutional parks in all the universities of the state in order to educate the younger generation about the Constitution, thus proving himself to be the most active and most “justified” governor on constitutional matters.

In yet another case, the governor dismissed the proposal sent three times by the government of Rajasthan to convene the session of the assembly from July 31, 2020, because it did not comply with the rules. When the proposal was received according to established standards, the governor finally gave his approval for the August 14 session of last year.

In this context, the Governor had made it a condition to give 21 days’ notice before convening the session. He also called for a government response to take action on 3 points when active corona cases increased more than three times in a month.

Then the bill amending the bill on the social protection fund, which was adopted by the Assembly on March 7, 2020 and sent to the governor on March 24 for approval, was returned by the latter to amend the bill by invoking the opposition of the Bar Council and various associations of lawyers. Information on the withdrawal of Raj Bhavan’s bill was provided to the assembly. In this bill, the money collected from lawyers for the Social Assistance Fund was increased, which the lawyers objected to.

In addition to these initiatives, the Governor also worked on the formation of a task force to improve the quality of higher education during the difficult times of Covid and to strengthen universities in the context of global challenges.

Subsequently, he worked to establish a Vedic Research Chair at Guru Govind Tribal University in Banswara in order to preserve the ancient tradition where scholars recite hymns from the Shankhayani part of the Rig Veda.

Instructions were given to universities to prepare courses related to technical and scientific subjects in English, Hindi and regional languages. Mishra also worked for the development of the tribal areas and took the initiative to expand the training facilities for students from the tribal areas for the competitions.

In another first, he launched the Tribal Art Fair so that endangered art and artists in tribal areas can be showcased.

With a humanitarian aspect, the Governor also makes a night tour to find people in need shivering with cold and distributes blankets to them.

In April, he adopted a stray dog ​​and named it Chintamani.

He called on the population to help stray dogs and take care of them.

So who said this constitutional post is some kind of rubber stamp post? Mishra is leading the way to make a difference.

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