Puerto rico government

Puerto Rico’s inalienable right to self-determination

After holding the Treaty of Paris with Spain, and without any Puerto Rican representation… the United States invaded Puerto Rico and imposed a military government… It was an arbitrary decision! In 1917, US citizenship was imposed on Puerto Ricans…but…even though we were forced to serve in their armed forces, we were NOT allowed to participate in presidential elections! Again, without consulting the people of Puerto Rico! For 124 years the United States controlled the economy, its borders and its immigration, opened 6 military bases, including that of the island of Vieques which was used for 60 years as a military training ground, where they used NAPALM, depleted uranium and many others. Toxic chemicals in an island/municipality of 1,000 people! In 1915, the US Federal Court system was launched and has had power over local government and the legislature ever since! The FBI, Coast Guard and US Marshals operate as in the United States. Independence advocates have been persecuted and harassed by these US law enforcement agencies for decades! The colony government has been a breeding ground for corrupt politicians and at Washington’s behest…the FBI has been very selective in investigating their local government politicians! The two main US political parties hold primaries on the island, residents vote within their party ranks and then participate in the National Assembly of each party in the United States. Their vote counts to select their presidential candidate, but, as I mentioned before, Puerto Ricans cannot participate in Presidential Elections!. This is by far a false and illegal political practice authorized and propelled by Washington DC. Over the past 20 years, Wall Street investors (vultures) have bought massive amounts of Puerto Rican government-issued bonds that had devalued and gone to court to demand payment from the Puerto Rican government. This resulted in a federally imposed commission to restructure Puerto Rico‘s $78 billion public debt! As expected, some of the members of this commission are members of the board of directors of many investors who have filed a lawsuit for payment! This commission has powers over local government and the courts and the United States Federal Court in Puerto Rico has sided with them! Hundreds of schools have been closed, basic services cut or curtailed in order to “SAVE MONEY” to pay off the debt! The electrical system was privatized n in one year, the government approved 6 increases for the average consumer while government agencies and municipalities are NOT paying their electricity bills!

The United Nations Decolonization Committee has approved Resolution #1514 recognizing Puerto Rico’s inalienable right to self-determination and the General Assembly is currently working on Puerto Rico’s case! The House of Representatives introduced a new Puerto Rico Status Bill, sponsored by Alexandria Ocasio Cortez aimed at supporting a Plesbicite titled – Puerto Rico’s Self-Determination Law of 2021… where the 3 main political ideologies would be represented. Independence, Pro Statehood (US Statehood) and the irony of fate… FREE ASSOCIATION! Yes, FREE ASSOCIATION. This is exactly what the island political system has been called since the 1940s! ESTADO (State) LIBRE (FREE) ASOCIADO (ASSOCIATE). Puerto Rico does NOT want or need the US Congress and the author of 124 years of colonialism to come up with a “SOLUTION” that includes the exact same political alternative that the country is currently experiencing! If the United States enjoyed the INALIENABLE RIGHT TO SELF-DETERMINATION when it fought the British and no intervention from the British colonial power, WE DON’T NEED IT EITHER! THE UNITED STATES MUST WITHDRAW AND LET THE PUERTO RICANS SELECT AN INTERNATIONAL COMMISSION OF LATIN AMERICAN, EUROPEAN AND ASIAN COUNTRIES TO MONITOR THE PUERTO RICANS TAKE CHARGE OF THEIR DESTINY WITHOUT MORE AMERICAN INTERVENTION!