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Puerto Rico judgment against CEO of electricity company in limbo

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (AP) – An arrest warrant issued against the CEO of Luma Energy, the company that operates the transmission and distribution of electricity in Puerto Rico, was in limbo Wednesday night amid charges according to which he had not submitted the documents requested by the legislators.

A judge initially ordered the arrest of CEO Wayne Stensby on Wednesday morning because even though he had handed over the majority of documents requested by the island’s House of Representatives, two requests were still pending. Shortly after the order was issued, Luma submitted additional documents, although it was still not clear whether they contained all of the information sought.

As a result, Judge Anthony Cuevas Ramos suspended but did not revoke the arrest order as lawmakers met with company lawyers to review the newly released documents.

Luma had requested more time to deliver the documents, including receipts filed by employees, consultants and contractors and all communications between Stensby and any government official in Puerto Rico, including text messages and emails. .

“The truth is, they had at least 233 days or 5,592 hours to copy all the information into whatever digital format they wanted,” Cuevas wrote in the original arrest warrant. “Unjustified delays cannot be sponsored or blessed by this Court. We see them as a travesty of our legal system.

The judge added: “No one is above the law. ANYBODY.”

In a statement issued hours after the arrest warrant, Luma said he had complied with all information requested by the court, saying he had submitted more than 10,000 pages of documents and that he was ‘pledged to be transparent.

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