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Privileges panel calls for action against 2 MPs – The New Indian Express

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VIJAYAWADA: The PA Legislative Assembly Privileges Committee has decided to recommend action against two opposition TDP MPs, K Atchannaidu and Nimmala Ramanaidu for allegedly misleading the House. Atchannaidu and Nimmala Ramanadiu by Chief Government Whip G Srikanth Reddy and Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, respectively, for allegedly misleading the House.

After discussion, the committee decided to recommend action against the two members. Speaking to reporters after the meeting, Kakani said a final decision will be taken by the Assembly on the basis of the recommendations. Although Kakani did not disclose the action to be recommended against the two TDP MPs, it is learned that the committee would urge the president not to give the two leaders an opportunity to speak during the assembly session. that followed.

Responding to the question, TDP MP Ramanaidu said that the Privileges Committee’s accusations that they had misled the House are far from true and that it was unfair of the committee to recommend measures, including “censoring” them in the Assembly. “We have never told lies in the Assembly and hope that the President does not take any action against us,” said MP TDP.

While Atchannaidu is accused of misleading the House on the issue of liquor stores in the state, Ramanaidu has been blamed for his comments on old age pensions. Meanwhile, the former state election commissioner, Nimmagadda Ramesh Kumar, requested more information on the privileges notice sent to him. Kakani said a decision on the matter will be made after sending the requested information to Nimmagadda. On the issue of former TDP MP Kuna Ravi Kumar, against whom opinions were issued but not taken by the TDP leader, Kakani said the committee is investigating whether Ravi Kumar intentionally avoided the opinions or no.

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