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Prime Minister Modi slams opposition for encouraging COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday slammed the opposition for encouraging reluctance to vaccinate for COVID-19 in the country and said the vaccination campaign had been carried out successfully despite several challenges. The Prime Minister, addressing a public meeting in Maharajganj today, said: “Those Indians who felt proud knowing that the vaccines were made in India were incited by the opposition not to take the doses. The opposition has tried to promote vaccine hesitancy by creating doubts. in the minds of the poor.”

“Even the major countries of the world are far behind India in vaccination coverage today as India has given 200 million doses of vaccine free to its citizens,” he said. In a veiled reference to the ongoing Ukraine crisis, the Prime Minister urged citizens to stay strong at this time.

“The world is going through many challenges at the moment. No one can remain untouched by these situations. It affects every citizen of the world in one way or another. is the greatest need of the times,” he said. He added, “From agriculture to military, from sea to space, India must become powerful in all fields. Therefore, Uttar Pradesh being the largest state in the country also has a greater responsibility.”

Maharajganj will go to the polls in phase six of the state assembly elections. Polling will take place in 57 Assembly seats in 10 districts on March 3. The 2022 Assembly elections are being held in Uttar Pradesh from February 10 to March 7 in seven phases to elect 403 members of the Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly. The votes will be counted and the results will be announced on March 10, 2022. (ANI)

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