President has no indication Costa will quit mid-term – EURACTIV.com

Portuguese President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa said on Thursday he had no indication that Prime Minister António Costa was planning to leave office in the middle of the legislature, denying any “irritation” between the two.

Asked by reporters at the Palácio de Belém in Lisbon whether his warning to Costa that it will be difficult to replace him mid-term was due to any indication that the prime minister intends to leave mid-term, the leader of the State replied: “No.”

“No No No No. It’s because it’s proof. I was there saying the evidence of the Portuguese vote: they voted for the absolute majority, they could have voted for other choices, they voted for stability, and they voted for that stability to solve the country’s problems, he added.

The president says ‘there was never any annoyance’ with the prime minister, and the relationship between the two would not be damaged by his speech at the swearing-in ceremony on Wednesday of the new government.

In his speech on Wednesday, António Costa said that “the absolute majority corresponds to an absolute responsibility for those who govern”, adding that “the Portuguese resolved the political crisis in the elections and guaranteed stability until October 2026. The stability is not synonymous with immobility”. but rather with the need for ambition and the possibility of achieving it. We must take advantage of stability to anticipate uncertainty, courageously confronting the structural challenges we face”.