Premier Horgan returns to legislature after cancer treatment

A smiling Premier, John Horgan, returned to the Legislative Assembly on Tuesday, his first public appearance since undergoing radiation therapy for throat cancer.

He spent part of the day celebrating the Lunar New Year – the Year of the Tiger began on Tuesday – stepping out to pose for photos wearing a dragon-patterned jacket with a legislature adorned with red lanterns as a backdrop. “To all who celebrate the Lunar New Year, I wish you a year of prosperity, good luck and good mental and physical health,” he said in a statement.

Speaking to reporters, Horgan, 62, said he had lost around 25 pounds due to radiation therapy, forcing him to change his clothes.

He said he couldn’t grow a beard anymore. “This jacket was tight on me when we celebrated the Year of the Ox last year, so it’s good that it fits me again,” he joked. “The hair stopped growing in different parts of my face, so I kept the mustache, being a good fighter, it decided to stay.”

The prime minister said he felt good overall and was ready to get back to work.

“I feel pretty good. I want to thank the people at the cancer clinic and everyone I’ve met along the way, from hospital admissions to surgery to post-op and treatment,” he said. declared.

“At every step, amazing people are providing care to British Columbians. We should be proud of the work they do and we should celebrate it every day.

Horgan said in late October that tests revealed a growth in her throat. He announced in early November that it was cancer. Horgan underwent 35 radiation therapy sessions, which he completed in January.

CHEK News: BC Premier John Horgan makes first public appearance since cancer treatment