Possible locations of measurements on the floors of the California Legislature

There are many places where measures should be placed on the floors of the California Legislative Assembly. Many measures will affect multiple places as they progress through the process. The Assembly floor designates 29 slots, while the Senate floor designates 27 slots. These locations are listed alphabetically as follows:

Invoice locations on the assembly floor

Bills on the assembly of the file in 2nd reading

Record of 2nd Reading of Senate Bills

File Assembly Bills at 3rd Reading

Senate Bills 3rd Reading Record

Membership vote: final form

Adoption of Senate amendments

Conf Report Adopt/Sen Adopt Pending

Pending Conference Reports

Consent Calendar 1st Day-Asm Bills

Consent Calendar 1st Day-Sen Bills

Day 2 Consent Schedule–Sen Bills

Consent Calendar Invoices 2nd day-Asm

Governor’s budget bill veto

Governor’s Reorganization Plan

Governor’s veto

Implement the Governor’s Veto Budget

Budget Components of Governor’s Vetoes

File inactive

Motion for reconsideration

Notice/Intent/Delete/Inactive File

Notice/Motion to Withdraw/Committee

Reconsider government veto line item

Reconsider government veto measures and budget implementation

CSC Day 1 Competition in Sen Amend

CSC 1st day Sen 3rd reading

CSC Day 2 Competition in Sen Amend

CSC Day 2 Sen 3rd Reading

special order

In conference

Senate Floor Bill Locations

2nd Reading – Asm Bills

2nd Reading – Sen Bills

3rd Reading – Asm Bills

3rd Reading – Inactive Asm File

3rd Reading – Sen Bills

3rd reading – inactive Sen file

Conference reports adopted

Office conference reports

Consent Calendar

Consent Schedule – Day 1

Consent Calendar – Day 1 – 28.8

Consent Schedule – Day 2

Consent calendar – 2nd day – 28.8

Governor’s veto

Implement the Governor’s Veto Budget

Budget Components of Governor’s Vetoes

Held at the Office – Assembly Bills

Office Dress – Senate Bills

In conference

In Conference – Assembly Bills

File inactive

Inactive File – Assembly Invoices

Definitive Postponement Motion

Motion for reconsideration

Special Consent Schedule

special order


As a reader might expect, each slot is for a specific use, and each house designates slots to file pending bills on their respective floors. In addition, the prosecution offices also separate pending Assembly and Senate bills.