he Missouri legislature has stated in its limited wisdom that no life is worth more than $ 700,000. September 11, 2001 Richard Rescorla

I hope everyone took the time last Saturday to reflect on the events of September 11, 2001.

There are two events in my personal history that I remember very well. I don’t have very vivid memories of much of my childhood, but I vividly remember the day President Kennedy was shot in 1963. I was in sixth grade at Bryant Elementary School. It was a cloudy November day, and I remember being kicked out of school without really understanding the magnitude of what had happened. It was a moment of great sadness.

Almost 38 years later, we have all witnessed the horror of 9/11, and I suspect we all remember the exact moment we realized that the first plane struck the first tower of the World Trade Center. I was in my law firm on 42nd Street and we all gathered around the television in the conference room to watch the horrific events of the day unfold. The assassination of President Kennedy was an unspeakable tragedy. Yet this event did not change America like the events of September 11.

The country united in unity after September 11 as never since World War II. Unfortunately, the unit has disappeared. The sadness of that day has never left most of us. The stories that have been told are firmly anchored in our memories.

One of the most significant stories of the time was that of Richard Rescorla, a hero of the Vietnam War who was a private security specialist for Stanley Dean Witter & Company and who is said to have led 2,700 security employees to the September 11, before losing his life when he returned to make sure everyone had left the building. Rescorla had feared the possibility of the exact scenario that occurred and had led her employer’s 2,700 employees on drills every three months in anticipation of an emergency evacuation. These exercises saved the lives of everyone except Rescorla.

Last Saturday I reread an article on Rescorla from The New Yorker magazine that was published in 2002. It was a long article, but worth every second. Rescorla was an immigrant from England. He is not portrayed in Mel Gibson’s film “We Were Soldiers”, but co-author of the book that led to the making of the film, General Hal Moore, described Rescorla as “the best platoon leader. that I have ever seen “. Members of his platoon nicknamed him “Hard Core” for his bravery in battle and compassion for his men. His bravery and compassion of 20 years ago are more than extraordinary.

Another story that comes to light is the story of Kenneth Feinberg, the special master who was appointed to administer the funds of the 9/11 Victims Compensation Fund. His task was to put a monetary value on the 3,000 lives lost that day as well as the thousands of people injured. He had an unlimited budget to reimburse families for what could never be reimbursed.

The Washington Post published an article about Feinberg’s work last weekend, and there was a movie on Netflix called “Worth,” which tells the story of his work. Michael Keaton plays Feinberg. Feinberg also wrote a book, “What’s the Worth of Life?” The movie and the book are on my to-do list.

As a litigator who has handled too many wrongful death cases over the past 41 years, the question of a life’s worth is one that I struggle with in every case. I have the same speech in all cases. The case is not about the value of a life, but the value of the case. These are horrible words to pronounce, and they seem empty, almost obscene and meaningless when spoken. Of course, I preface it with words of consolation that no amount of money can replace the loss that has been suffered. I hate making this speech.

Sadly, most deaths are due to medical negligence, and the Missouri legislature has said in its limited wisdom that no life is worth more than $ 700,000. There is no limit to economic loss, including medical costs and the loss of financial support provided by the deceased, which is essentially nothing in cases where the deceased is retired or no longer working. .

It is difficult to explain to a client that there is a limit imposed by law on the most important part of the loss: the loss of the consortium, the company, the comfort, the advice and the advice caused by the loss. of a loved one. The legislature denied a jury the full right to decide the value of a life. An inflation provision in the law raised the limit to $ 775,000, but that is still not enough. I understand that the reason for the cap is to protect healthcare providers from excessive jury verdicts, but that logic is hollow and unconvincing when I explain it to my clients.

I don’t know what Rick Rescorla’s widow received from the Victims Compensation Fund. He is a true American hero who came to America to fight for the greatest country in the world in a war that could not be won. His life is priceless.

My former pastor served as a pastor at the funerals of six of my family and countless others I attended, and he always reminds us that our deceased loved ones are worth our tears. No truer word has been uttered. Yet the losses are immeasurable. Having dealt with over 100 wrongful death cases, I know this too well.

Bob Buckley is an Independence lawyer. Email him at [email protected]

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Legislative assembly

Covid Live New Updates: India Reports 35,662 New Coronavirus Cases and 33,798 Recoveries in Last 24 Hours

!1 new updateClick here for the latest updates

India’s Covid toll is much higher than official 4.43 lakh figures: Congress

RN Ravi was sworn in as governor of Tamil Nadu

Vaccination should be accelerated every day, not a peak on a birthday: P Chidambaram

P Chidambaram: Happy and grateful that 2.5 crore of vaccination was administered yesterday. But why did we have to wait for the Prime Minister’s birthday?

The BJP ruled that the states – UP, MP, Guj & Kar – “occur” on the Prime Minister’s birthday and vaccinate several times the daily average. The other days, they are “non-performing” states. I wish the PM celebrates his birthday every day.

-P Chidambaram

Looking forward to many more days of 2.1 crore vaccinations. This rhythm is what our country needs.

– Rahul Gandhi

India reports 35,662 new COVID19 cases and 33,798 recoveries in past 24 hours: Union Ministry of Health

  • Active cases: 3 40 639
  • Total recoveries: 3,26,32,222

Over 6.02 crore (6.02,70,245) balance and unused COVID19 vaccine doses are still available with States / UTs to administer: Center

Over 78.02 crore (78.02,17,775) doses of vaccine have been provided to States / UTs so far through the Government of India (free channel) and the State Direct Supply category. In addition, more than 33 doses of Lakh (33,08,560) are in preparation.

– Government of India

Andaman & Nicobar Reports New Case of COVID-19

Floods in Bengal

Ladakh administration closes schools in Leh district for 15 days until October 2

  • Residential homes in Leh District will also remain closed for in-person classes
  • The situation will be reviewed after October 2, officials said


Odisha’s Shree Jagannath Temple in Puri District reopens to worshipers on Saturdays from today

The temple was previously open 5 days a week.

A total of 55 07 80 273 samples tested for # COVID19 until September 17, 2021. Of this total, 14 48 833 samples were tested yesterday: ICMR

In charge of the Punjab Congress, Harish Rawat will reach Chandigarh later in the day with Ajay Maken and Harish Chaudhary who have been appointed as observer by acting party leader Sonia Gandhi.

Goa has made commendable efforts on the immunization front. At 10:30 am today, will interact with hard-working healthcare workers and beneficiaries of the COVID-19 vaccination program in Goa.

– PM Modi

The number of Covid-19 cases worldwide exceeds 227.5 minutes

COVID-19 count in Thane district rises by 264, death toll by four

Meeting of the Legislative Party of the Punjab Congress today

PM Modi to interact with Goa ministers and health workers today

Rajasthan’s Compulsory Marriage Registration (Amendment) Bill 2021 was passed by the State Legislature yesterday, despite opposition from MPs.

Under the bill, information on child marriage must be provided by their parents / guardians within 30 days of marriage.

Dehradun District Magistrate Asks District Officials To Keep Their Phones On At All Time Due To Landslides And Other Accidents

Officials are only allowed to turn off phones in an emergency

Covid vaccines given by India earlier this year for exhausted UN peacekeepers: UN spokesperson

India, one of the largest troop contributors to UN peacekeeping missions, has donated 2,000,000 doses of AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine to UN peacekeepers in all UN missions.

Char Dham yatra from today

New rules for Char Dham Yatra

  • For worshipers in Kerala, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh, a negative COVID report no more than 72 hours before the travel date was made mandatory, despite having received both doses of the COVID19 vaccine.
  • Bathing in dham kunds is prohibited.

Char Dham Yatra

  • The government of Uttarakhand released the SOP on Friday.
  • Registration and e-pass will be required for ‘darshan’ in the four dhams.
  • Along with this, it is necessary that the faithful have both the COVID19 vaccine doses or a negative COVID report that is less than 72 hours old.

India will have the world’s largest highway by March 2022: Nitin Gadkari

  • Gadkari was talking about the Delhi-Mumbai Express highway.
  • Speaking at an event yesterday, Gadkari said: “The highway will be 1,380 km long and will go to Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust (JNPT), but now we are also planning to take it to Nariman Point. “

US panel recommends Covid boosters for people 65 and over

Bengaluru metro extends metro service schedules

  • Metro services will now be available from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. starting today
  • Metro service was available from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. earlier.

It was a mistake and I offer my sincere apologies. As commander of the combatants, I am fully responsible for this strike and this tragic outcome.

– General Frank McKenzie, Commander of the US Central Command, on August 29, drone strike in Kabul

BSF resumes retirement ceremony by beating at Attari-Wagah border

The grand ceremony, which attracts thousands of people across the country, was halted last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Brazilian football legend Pele (80) is in stable condition after respiratory instability led him to be admitted to intensive care unit in Sao Paulo on Friday: Reuters

Karnataka has vaccinated 75% of its eligible population against COVID-19, with the first dose and 24% with both doses. We hope to reach 5 crore in vaccinations today. Bengaluru is the second district in India to vaccinate all eligible population

– Minister of Health of K Sudhakar State

22 dengue cases were reported in Indore on Friday, bringing the total number of dengue cases in the district to 225, including 38 children: Indore CHMO Dr Bhure Singh Setia

Kerala CM to inaugurate digital hub in Kochi on September 18

FDA Advisory Board Rejects Widespread Booster Injections From Pfizer

Pentagon backs off, calls deadly Kabul strike a mistake

  • For days after the August 29 strike, Pentagon officials claimed it was carried out correctly, despite the deaths of many civilians, including children.
  • News organizations then cast doubts on this version of events, noting that the driver of the targeted vehicle was a long-time employee of a US aid organization and citing the lack of evidence to support the Pentagon’s claim that the vehicle contained explosives.

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Upper house

Bad news for MLC YSRCP: no council minister

The only buzzword in the YSRCP these days is cabinet reshuffle. Who gets a bunk and who gets abandoned is the hottest topic of discussion. Ministerial aspirants tour YS Jagan’s Tadepalli office while those already on cabinet are nervous about the continuation. But there is one thing that many party leaders are certain of. They are sure that no MLC will reach the cabinet.

Now all ministers come from the lower house – the legislative assembly and there is no one from the cabinet. If the sources are to be believed, there would be no one on the board even during the upcoming reshuffle. Those in the know say that YS Jagan has a reason – both valid and solid – for not having a cabinet minister or upper house.

Recall that Jagan requested the repeal of the council and that the proposal is pending before the central government. But, in later developments, the YSRCP also took the upper hand in counseling. Thus, Jagan is not pushing for the resolution to be accepted by the Center. So if he turns a member into a minister, the opposition will call him a huge denigration. It looks like Jagan, who wanted the council to be repealed, has now appointed MLC ministers. To escape this criticism, Jagan is unlikely to make an MLC a minister.

This is a huge embarrassment for MLCs like Duvvada Srinivas, who aspired to ministerial positions. Even if not, the reshuffle might not be major as Jagan has already indicated that 70% of his ministers will play an active role in the elections. This means that the reshuffle will only affect 20 percent of ministers. Meanwhile, there is also reports that the cabinet reshuffle has been postponed for six months.

Telugu360 is always open to the best and brightest journalists. If you are interested in a full time or freelance job, email us at [email protected]

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Puerto rico government

Puerto Rico’s Control Council violates the spirit of the law

Imagine that after years of dedicated public service work, your hard-earned pension benefits are now on the verge of being slashed, even when your elected officials try to protect them in law. This is exactly what is at stake for Puerto Rican public sector retirees.

Earlier this summer, the Supervisory and Financial Management Board of Puerto Rico, also known as the “Council” for follow-up members of the government of Puerto Rico. The lawsuit tries to overturn a new local law – the Dignified Retirement Act – designed to protect pensioners and essential services in the debt restructuring deal being considered by the courts. The Council, in taking this step, violates the spirit of the power-sharing agreement that we have established by federal law.

When Congress created the Council through the Law of 2016 known as PROMESA, that did not give it a white card. Specifically, Congress has recognized that the bankruptcy code provisions incorporated into PROMESA cannot be used to violate the exclusive powers of local government to legislate. This is why the recent actions taken by the board of directors in an attempt to impose pension cuts despite opposition from the elected government are so worrying.

The Puerto Rican government is fully within its right under PROMESA to oppose a restructuring plan proposed by the board of directors and explain how it considers its debt must be restructured – a move that will impact Puerto Rico for generations. This is exactly what the government has done through the unanimously adopted Worthy retirement act.

Under PROMESA, the legal framework necessary for the implementation of a restructuring plan must be in place before it can be confirmed by a judge. Therefore, the local government must pass the necessary legislation before the plan can be implemented. Congress specifically sought local input when designing this power-sharing agreement and decided that the elected Puerto Rican government must retain its exclusive power to legislate, including in the context of the debt restructuring process.

The Dignified Retirement Act Describe the conditions that must be met for the government of Puerto Rico to cooperate in the implementation of a debt restructuring plan, including full payment of government pensions and protection of essential government services. The Council, on the other hand, continues to advocate for a debt restructuring plan that would impose a debt restructuring plan. 8.5% discount on any pension payment over $ 1,500 per month received by retired officials.

While the press has paid much attention to the Dignified Retirement Act, the Council may well face an insurmountable hurdle in upholding and implementing its current debt restructuring plan. The Council needs the Puerto Rican government to enact legislation to implement the plan, and the government has made it clear that it will not move forward with the implementation of a restructuring plan that would cut pensions and put people at risk. essential services.

We urge all parties to reach a fair resolution that protects vulnerable retirees who face reduced benefits. The board is not the appointed governor or legislature of Puerto Rico, and it must work with the local legislature to come to a mutually agreed-upon resolution instead of putting retirees at risk.

Nydia Velázquez represents New York’s 7th Borough and is chair of the Small Business Committee. Jesús “Chuy” García represents Illinois’ 4th District and a member of the House Financial Services Committee.

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Puerto rico government

Zurich beats Children’s Place retail chain virus costume

By Jeannie O’Sullivan (September 17, 2021, 6:56 p.m. EDT) – A New Jersey federal judge on Friday launched a lawsuit by The Children’s Place seeking a declaration that Zurich American Insurance Co. owes him coverage for the losses linked to the COVID-19 pandemic, judging that the terms of the policy in question are unambiguous and favor the dismissal.

In what U.S. District Judge Esther Salas called “one of many similar cases” against insurers who denied coverage for pandemic losses, the lawyer said she would not enforce the terms of the policy. Zurich from the retailer as written. According to these terms, according to the decision, the losses do not constitute, among other things, physical damage that would trigger a cover …

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NEW JOBS PAC Approves 89 Candidates for State Legislature

New Jersey Organization for a Better State (NEW JOBS) PAC, which is the political voice of
business, proudly announced today its support for the 2021 state legislative races.

NEW JOBS is the state’s largest and most influential and ideological trade policy action committee. NEW JOBS is a non-partisan organization whose directors promote a favorable business climate in New Jersey by endorsing and supporting legislative candidates who actively support economic growth, private sector job creation and cost reduction enterprises.

“With the announcement of these approvals today, NEW JOBS is supporting a slate of candidates for the New Jersey Legislative Assembly that will lead to more business-friendly policies in Trenton. We thank the supported candidates and approved outgoing lawmakers for their commitment to the economy
the viability and competitiveness of our state, ”said Executive Director Chrissy Buteas.

Approvals made by NEW JOBS are NOT an endorsement of the New Jersey Business and Industry Association (NJBIA) or any other individual company, industry group or trade association. While many professional organizations like the NJBIA are affiliated with NEW JOBS PAC and represented on its board of directors, PAC is a separate entity governed by its independent board of directors.

Candidates approved by NEW JOBS include:

Michael L. Testa, Jr. – R (District 1 – Senate)
Antwan McClellan – R (District 1 – Assembly)
Erik K. Simonsen – R (District 1 – Assembly)
Vincent Polistina – R (District 2 – Senate)
Don Guardian – R (District 2 – Assembly)

Claire Swift – R (District 2 – Assembly)

Stephen M. Sweeney – D (District 3 – Senate)
John J. Burzichelli – D (District 3 – Assembly)
Adam J. Taliaferro – D (District 3 – Assembly)
Fred H. Madden, Jr. – D (District 4 – Senate)
Nilsa I. Cruz-Perez – D (District 5 – Senate)
William W. Spearman – D (District 5 – Assembly)
William F. Moen, Jr. – D (District 5 – Assembly)
James Beach – D (District 6 – Senate)
Louis D. Greenwald – D (District 6 – Assembly)
Pamela R. Lampitt – D (District 6 – Assembly)
Troy Singleton – D (District 7 – Senate)
Carol A. Murphy – D (District 7 – Assembly)
Dawn Marie Addiego – D (District 8 – Senate)
Allison Eckel – D (District 8 – Assembly)
Mark Natale – D (District 8 – Assembly)
Christopher J. Connors – R (District 9 – Senate)
Brian E. Rumpf – R (District 9 – Assembly)
DiAnne C. Gove – R (District 9 – Assembly)
James W. Holzapfel – R (District 10 – Senate)
Gregory P. McGuckin – R (District 10 – Assembly)
John Catalano – R (District 10 – Assembly)
Vin Gopal – D (District 11 – Senate)
Eric Houghtaling – D (District 11 – Assembly)
Samuel D. Thompson – R (District 12 – Senate)
Ronald S. Dancer – R (District 12 – Assembly)
Robert D. Clifton – R (District 12 – Assembly)
Declan J. O’Scanlon. – R (District 13 – Senate)
Victoria Flynn – R (District 13 – Assembly)
Gérard Scharfenberger – R (District 13 – Assembly)
Linda R. Greenstein – D (District 14 – Senate)
Daniel R. Benson – D (District 14 – Assembly)
Wayne P. DeAngelo – D (District 14 – Assembly)
Shirey K. Turner – D (District 15 – Senate)

Mike Pappas – R (District 16 – Senate)
Vincent Panico – R (District 16 – Assembly)
Roy Freiman – D (District 16 – Assembly)
Joe Danielsen – D (District 17 – Assembly)
Patrick J. Diegnan, Jr. – D (District 18 – Senate)
Robert Karabinchak – D (District 18 – Assembly)
Sterley S. Stanley – D (District 18 – Assembly)
Joseph F. Vitale – D (District 19 – Senate)
Craig Coughlin – D (District 19 – Assembly)
Yvonne Lopez – D (District 19 – Assembly)
Joseph P. Cryan – D (District 20 – Senate)
Jon M. Bramnick – R (District 21 – Senate)
Nancy F. Muñoz – R (District 21 – Assembly)
Michele Matsikoudis – R (District 21 – Assembly)
Erik Peterson – R (District 23 – Assembly)
John DiMaio – R (District 23 – Assembly)
Steven V. Oroho – R (District 24 – Senate)
Harold J. Wirths – R (District 24 – Assembly)
Anthony M. Bucco – R (District 25 – Senate)
Brian Bergen – R (District 25 – Assembly)
Aura K. Dunn – R (District 25 – Assembly)
Joseph Pennacchio – R (District 26 – Senate)
Jay Webber – R (District 26 – Assembly)
Christian Barranco – R (District 26 – Assembly)
Richard J. Codey – D (District 27 – Senate)
John F. McKeon – D (District 27 – Assembly)
Mila M. Jasey – D (District 27 – Assembly)
Ronald L. Rice – D (District 28 – Senate)
Mr. Teresa Ruiz – D (District 29 – Senate)
Eliana Pintor Marin – D (District 29 – Assembly)
Robert W. Singer – R (District 30 – Senate)
Sean T. Kean – R (District 30 – Assembly)
Edward H. Thomson – R (District 30 – Assembly)
Raj Mukherji – D (District 33 – Assembly)
Annette Chaparro – D (District 33 – Assembly)

Nellie Pou – D (District 35 – Senate)
Shavonda E. Sumter – D (District 35 – Rally)
Paul E. Sarlo – D (District 36 – Senate)
Gary Schaer – D (District 36 – Assembly)
Gordon M. Johnson – D (District 37 – Senate)
Ellen Park – D (District 37 – Assembly)
Joseph A. Lagana – D (District 38 – Senate)
Lisa Swain – D (District 38 – Assembly)
Fr. Christopher Tully – D (District 38 – Assembly)
Holly T. Schepisi – R (District 39 – Senate)
Robert Auth – R (District 39 – Assembly)
Deanne DeFuccio – R (District 39 – Assembly)
Kristin M. Corrado – R (District 40 – Senate)
Kevin J. Rooney – R (District 40 – Assembly)
Christopher P. DePhillips – R (District 40 – Assembly)

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Legislative assembly

Breaking News Live Updates: Government Extends PAN-Aadhaar Link Deadline to March 2022

!1 new updateClick here for the latest updates

Apple removed Russian opposition app after threats of arrest, source close to the ruling says

The Strategic Advisory Group of Experts on Immunization (SAGE) to meet at the World Health Organization (WHO) on granting emergency use authorization for Covaxin on October 5

ANI Reports

Terrorists and their masters in Pakistan are frustrated by the recent elimination of the main commanders of terrorist groups and the peaceful environment maintained even after the death of separatist leader SAS Geelani …

– IGP Kashmir Vijay Kumar said in a statement

The deadline for the completion of sanction proceedings under the Income Tax Act has also been extended from September 30, 2021 to March 31, 2022: Government of India

Deadline for PAN-Aadhaar link extended by 6 months until March 2022: CBDT

Eight-day stock of Covid vaccine left in Delhi: Bulletin

UN Secretary-General appoints Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Kailash Satyarthi as New Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Advocate ahead of 76th UN General Assembly

Dengue fever, viral fever: 2 more deaths in Firozabad of the UP

AirAsia signs deal to restructure Airbus aircraft order – sources

We have reached the goal of 50% of our desired vaccination figure of 2 lakh until 2 p.m. today: Uttarakhand CM Pushkar Singh Dhami

We will achieve our goal. About 92% of people have received the 1st dose of the vaccine so far. We aim to achieve 100% vaccination of the adult population by December 15: Uttarakhand CM Pushkar Singh Dhami

Fuel tax is last vestige of state’s right to manage revenue, Tamil Nadu minister says

Tamil Nadu on Friday opposed the idea of ​​subjecting fuels to the goods and services tax (GST), saying gasoline and diesel remain one of the last vestiges of state law manage their own income, according to State Finance Minister PT Palanivel. Thiaga Rajan.

Haryana adds 8 cases of COVID-19

Mumbai Narcotics Control Bureau (BCN) arrested Dawood Ibrahim associate Azim Bhau aka Mohammad Azim Abu Saleem

He was involved in extortion and drug smuggling. Cases of extortion and theft have been recorded against him in several police stations: Mumbai NCB

India administered more than 2.25 crore in daily vaccinations until 9:30 p.m. today

NHRC Notice to DMRC of ‘Deceptive’ Toilet Signs for Transgender Commuters

GST Council exempts from GST national license fees charged by states for operating freight transportation: FM Sitharaman

If there is no new variant, the third wave of Covid will not be as devastating as the second: the best vaccinologist Gagandeep Kang

Maharashtra records 3,586 COVID-19 cases, 67 deaths

COVID-19: Uttar Pradesh reports 17 new cases, 1 more death

Madhya Pradesh reports 6 new cases of COVID-19, no deaths

Tamil Nadu reports 1,669 new cases of COVID19, 1,565 recoveries and 17 deaths in past 24 hours

Regarding Swiggy-type operators and concert bureaus, it was decided that since the place of food delivery will be the tax collection point, the Swiggy-type operator who collects the tax will pay the GST. above.

– FM

Finance Minister says neutral stance on GST revenues has steadily declined to 11.6%

FM Sitharaman said a group of state ministers (GoMs) will look at rate rationalization issues and make recommendations in 2 months

GST Exempt Fully State / Center Government Funded Training Programs

Transportation of export goods by sea and air is exempt from GST until September 30

This exemption was granted due to difficulties experienced by exporters in obtaining a refund of ITC (Input Tax Credit) due to technical issues on the GST portal. This exemption is extended for one year: FM

GST compensation tax to be extended until March 2026

Pens to attract a single GST rate of 18 pc; 12 pc TPS on specified renewable sector devices

GST Council agrees to correct reverse tariff structure on footwear and textiles effective January 1, 2022

GST Council exempts national permit fees charged by states for operating freight transportation: FM Sitharaman

The Council felt that it was not time to make petroleum products subject to the GST

Oil under GST: MEPs oppose it

FM: Petroleum product on the agenda due to Kerala HC order

Finance Minister Announces GST Rate Reduction on Biodiesel (Supplied to Petroleum Marketers for Blending with Diesel) — from 12% to 5%

Council approves increase in GST on rail portion, locomotives to 18% from current 12%

Zolgensma and Viltepso: These two drugs are very important and cost something like Rs 16 crores. So council decided to grant GST exemption for these 2, says FM after 45th GST council meeting

GST on upgrade kits reduced to 5%

GST on retrofit kits for vehicles used by divyang or disabled people reduced to 5%: Sitharaman

Drugs suggested by Health Min for the treatment of muscle atrophy, are also exempt from IGST, for importation for personal use

GST concessional rates on covid drugs, which were until September 30, have now been extended to December 31. Only for drugs, not for medical equipment

There will be no GST on amphotericin B, tocilizumab until December 31

Concessional tariffs granted to certain covid drugs until December 2021

GST exemptions on non-Covid-19 drugs

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman begins speaking to media

West Bengal reports 719 new cases of COVID19 and 727 deaths in past 24 hours

  • Total number of cases 15 60 286
  • Total recoveries 15 33 649
  • Number of deaths 18,629
  • Active cases 8,008

Dutch defense minister resigns following Afghan debacle

Blinken calls for more normalization with Israel on anniversary

ED seizes assets worth Rs 31.16 Cr of Popular Finance group, Kerala and its promoters under PMLA in cheating case

It included 23 real estate properties in Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh, 32 kg of gold pledged by depositors in 1132 bank accounts, 18 luxury vehicles.

The two-day session of the Legislative Assembly of Goa will begin on October 18

At first, we administered 40 lakh doses per day. We then increased it to 1 crore in daily doses and today we had already hit 1.35 crore in doses by 3pm.

– Union Minister Hardeep Singh Puri on over 2 crores of COVID19 vaccine doses given in a single day today

Punjabi Congress leader Navjot Singh Sidhu attacks SAD, PAA over agricultural laws

AAP calls him “Rakhi Sawant of Punjab politics”

Police officer shot dead by activists in J&K Kulgam

CBI registers two more cases by order of Calcutta High Court regarding violence and other offenses in West Bengal

Karnataka Minister CN Ashwath Narayan distributes 1,000 tabs and 350 laptops to students in government and municipal schools in his Malleswaram constituency to mark Prime Minister Modi’s birthday

Joint Indo-Nepalese military training exercise to begin Monday in Pithoragarh, Uttarakhand

Member States stress the importance of sharing experiences on the design and implementation of national development strategies, digital economy plans and adoption of innovative technologies, including to jointly bridge the technological and digital divide

– Declaration of Dushanbe adopted at the SCO

GST Council extended concession on certain Covid-19 drugs: Media reports

J&K: Terrorists shot at policeman in Wanpoh, Kulgam district

He was transferred to the hospital. More details are awaited.

SCO Member States have expressed their support for Afghanistan as an independent, neutral, united, democratic and peaceful state free from terrorism, war and drugs: Dushanbe Declaration adopted at the SCO

Developments in Afghanistan could lead to uncontrolled flow of drugs, illegal weapons and human trafficking: PM Narendra Modi

National Investigation Agency (NIA) filed additional indictment against two gold smugglers in New Delhi Railway Station gold smuggling case in 2020

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Upper house

Portland Fixers Top At $ 1.8 Million: Are These Homes A Good Deal?

A long-standing housing shortage and low level of unsold homes in the Portland area are prompting buyers to seek residential property that will make their dreams come true.

How fast should they jump when they find a place they like? The average time a Portland-area residential property was on the market before receiving an acceptable offer in August was 23 days.

What type of homes remain unsold? Those that are too expensive or unwanted.

And the fixers? A deal just takes a buyer willing to turn a potential teardown into a palace.

Bargain hunters love to see homes advertised as a “diamond in the rough” or “in need of a little attention” (loving and tender care) because they believe that with muscle, intelligence and a budget, they can improve them and make a profit or a nice place. to live.

Be careful when an ad warns that the buyer needs to do their own “due diligence,” which means it’s up to you to check that everything is legal and code before signing the contract.

Here is a gallery of Portland area homes on the market, advertised as needing care and extensive repair, or being sold “as is” with the seller refusing to make any fixes or improvements.

13450 NW Springville Lane in the Bethany neighborhood of Portland is being sold by Noel Jackson of Scout Realty Co.Scout Realty Co.

“Fixer protected from the earth”: 13450 NW Springville Lane in the Bethany neighborhood of Portland is listed at $ 1.8 million.

The home to renovate, built in 1983, features three bedrooms, three bathrooms and 3,220 square feet of living space.

The 2.64 acre property is zoned R6 and sits on the edge of urban growth in Washington County, says listing agent Noel Jackson of Scout Realty Co.

“The house is a sheltered land fixer, on a quiet, pristine hillside site, currently part of a working 60-acre farm, ”says Jackson.

The Craftsman-style home, built in 1892 on 6,098 square feet of land, features four bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms and 3,497 square feet of living space.

616 NE Morris St. in the Eliot neighborhood of Portland is being sold by Janet Warren of Cascadia NW Real Estate.Cascadia NW Real Estate

“Need for TLC”: 616 NE Morris Street in the Eliot neighborhood of Portland is listed at $ 820,000.

The Craftsman-style home with a wraparound covered porch was built in 1892. Inside is an updated kitchen, master bedroom with a lanai, three more bedrooms, 3.5 baths and 3,497 feet squares of living space.

There is a separate exterior entrance in the basement, which has the “potential” to be turned into a secondary living unit, explains listing agent Janet Warren of Cascadia NW Real Estate.

The land is 6,098 square feet.

“With a little bit of TLC, this house has unlimited potential,” says Warren.

The bungalow, built in 1948, spans 4.72 fenced acres, or three municipal tax lots adjacent to the Springwater Corridor adjacent to Powell Butte Nature Park.  Inside there are two bedrooms, one bathroom and 816 square feet of living space.

16021 SE Martins St. in the Pleasant Valley neighborhood of Portland is being sold by Tammy Townsend of Stellar Realty Northwest.Stellar Realty North West

Potential “real estate”: 16021 SE Martins St. in the Pleasant Valley neighborhood of Portland is listed at $ 800,000.

The bungalow, built in 1948, spans 4.72 fenced acres, three lots of municipal taxes outside of the Spring water corridor adjacent to Powell Butte Nature Park.

The house is a ‘fixer; make it your dream, ”says Tammy Townsend, listing agent for Stellar Realty Northwest. Inside there are two bedrooms, one bathroom and 816 square feet of living space.

“Real estate property. Leisure farm with 36×60 shop for all your toys. Low taxes with deferral of farm taxes, ”says Townsend. “The buyer must exercise due diligence. Sold as is. By appointment only.

The two-story home, built in 1977 over 0.32 square meters, has four bedrooms, three bathrooms and 2,583 square feet of living space.  “Fixer-upper with great potential in a wooded area.  Sold as is, ”says listing agent Mariann Lovas of Century 21 North Homes Realty.

725 SW Viewmont Dr. in the Sylvan Heights neighborhood of Portland is for sale by Mariann Lovas of Century 21 North Homes Realty.Century 21 North Homes Realty

“Fix at potential”: 725 SW Viewmont Dr. in the Sylvan Heights neighborhood of Portland is listed at $ 800,000.

The two-story home, built in 1977 over 0.32 square meters, has four bedrooms, three bathrooms and 2,583 square feet of living space.

“Fixer-upper with great potential in a wooded area. Sold as is, ”says listing agent Mariann Lovas of Century 21 North Homes Realty.

The Craftsman-style home, built in 1935 on 0.51 acres, which is zoned R5.  Inside are hardwood floors under carpet, four bedrooms, two bathrooms and 3,447 square feet of living space plus a basement with an unfinished bathroom.  The slatted and plastered walls are in need of repair.

2122 SE 135th Ave. in Portland’s Hazelwood neighborhood is for sale by Jennifer Bolen of Premiere Property Group.Premier Real Estate Group

“Fixer of light”: 2122 SE 135th avenue in the Hazelwood neighborhood of Portland is listed at $ 599,900.

The Craftsman-style home was built in 1935 on 0.51 acres zoned R5.

Inside are hardwood floors under carpet, four bedrooms, two bathrooms and 3,447 square feet of living space plus a basement with an unfinished bathroom. The original slatted and plastered walls are in need of repair.

“A car enthusiast’s dream with an oversized store … can hold up to six cars and is accessible from both sides with oversized doors,” says listing agent Jennifer Bolen of Premiere Property Group. “On the city water, but there is a well for irrigation.

See on topic 35 other homes in Portland lists as needing repairs.

– Janet Eastman | 503-294-4072

[email protected] | @janeteastman

Learn more about the Portland and Oregon real estate market:

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Puerto rico government

Deadline for Negotiations to End San Juan Wharf Labor Dispute Expires | Business

While negotiations between the company Luis Ayala Colón – operator of the San Juan Muelle – and the International Longshoremen’s Association (ILA Local 1740) should be concluded tomorrow (Saturday), the secretary of the Department of Labor and Human Resources (DTRH) ), Carlos Rivera Santiago, revealed that on Monday they would conduct a visual inspection of the functions and operations of the docks, to clarify the labor controversy that arose in the process.

The controversy revolves around the figure of the “verifier”, who is the person responsible for checking where the containers arriving at the port are placed. The task – which requires the use of a tablet computer – was the reason that triggered the strike and stopped the handling of 5,000 containers of international cargo, and caused the withdrawal of several ships, costing Puerto Rico over $ 100 million in losses. The question is who should perform this function.

The secretary of the DTRH indicated that of the four articles of the collective agreement under discussion, one has already been approved by the parties and two are advanced, but a controversy over the auditor, which he hopes to be clarified on Monday.

While Rivera is confident a deal can be reached, he admits that if it is not finalized, the government has no jurisdiction to intervene.

If this is the case, the responsibility would lie with the federal government through the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service and the National Labor Relations Board.

“As in any negotiation, there are ups and downs, but it has a positive rhythm. We meet twice a week; sometimes in the employer’s premises and other times in the ministry, and we have made progress. We are confident that on Monday we will be able to move forward after the inspection we are going to carry out, ”the official said.

“The parties wanted to sit around the table, dialogue and shed some light. We also offer other mechanisms to move the process forward, ”he added. Among the mechanisms offered, he mentioned expertise and assistance in health and safety.

“There is always a way out, but it depends on the goodwill of the parties. From the previous experience, all parties have learned and realized that a new shutdown is not suitable for anyone. The employer lost money for not being able to receive the merchandise, the union members for not being able to earn a salary, and the people for not being able to receive the merchandise. Nobody wins here, ”he stressed.

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DeSantis, Legislature Should Not Block COVID Safeguards

Do you remember Reaganomics?

There was a time when Republicans, especially conservatives, used to preach how essential free markets were to the creation of the “shining city on a hill,” which Ronald Reagan spoke of so fondly. .

Back then, free market advocates believed that in most situations the best thing government could do for business was to stay away. Regulation has stifled trade – at least that’s what we thought.

It was even the chorus of last year’s election, when GOP candidates warned of Democratic policies that were anything but pro-free market.

It seems a long time ago. And if they ever believed it, Governor Ron DeSantis and Republicans in the Florida legislature have strayed from this free market principle.

The Legislature has passed a law, signed by DeSantis, that will impose fines of $ 5,000 for every worker companies force to get vaccinated.

Resistant safeguards:School begins, COVID rages on: DeSantis plays political future on mask controversy | Opinion

Standing strong:Don’t Let Opponents Mask COVID Run Indian River County School System | Our point of view

Follow the science:More conspiracy theorists are guiding Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ COVID-19 policy | Opinion

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis holds a press conference regarding COVID-19 vaccines at the Publix supermarket in Treasure Coast Plaza on Tuesday, January 26, 2021 in Vero Beach.

Let’s be clear: this is a separate issue from President Joe Biden’s proposal to require large companies to have vaccination mandates. Biden and his party are not known for preaching that free markets are essential to preserving capitalism.

What DeSantis and the Republicans in the legislature are saying is that even people who own or operate businesses who voluntarily choose to require employee vaccinations should be penalized.

In other words, business owners are not allowed to take the actions they deem necessary to protect their employees and customers.

Do you run a large retail company that serves dozens of customers every day and you don’t want one of your employees to pass the disease on to them? Pity.

Do you have a large company where significant employee absenteeism caused by COVID could impact your productivity? We do not care?

We have entered a new era, where true conservatism has been replaced by contrarianism of viruses.

    At Cruise Terminal 1, Royal Caribbean's Allure of the Seas hosted a mock cruise on Tuesday, July 27, with several hundred volunteer employees and passengers who have been vaccinated against COVID and will also be tested prior to boarding.

At least DeSantis and the Republicans in the legislature are consistent. They have already engaged the state in a legal battle in federal court over whether cruise ships should be able to require vaccines for passengers.

Cruise ship passengers are particularly vulnerable to the spread of communicable diseases. Passengers remain confined for days, often in spaces without space for social distancing.

Long before COVID entered our collective consciousness, outbreaks of food poisoning and other illnesses were common on cruise ships.

Cruise ship operators might prefer to have vaccine requirements for many reasons, not the least of which would be to improve the peace of mind of those who might consider traveling.

So-called “vaccine passports” could help cruise ships rebuild their business by convincing otherwise reluctant travelers to book trips.

Still, DeSantis and other Florida Republicans apparently have a problem with this. This flies in the face of what is apparently now considered the most important guiding principle of opposing safeguards aimed at stopping the spread of COVID.

Vero Beach calls on Governor DeSantis to speed up the state’s COVID-19 reopening plan to help businesses

The new law, which came into force on Thursday, extends the fight against cruise ships to businesses based on land.

Oh, we’ve heard a lot lately about how mask and vaccine warrants supposedly interfere with personal freedoms. But don’t business owners themselves have the personal freedom to manage their livelihoods as they see fit?

If employees find a company’s rules too restrictive, they can quit. If customers find the rules too onerous, they can do business elsewhere. Then the company must decide for itself whether to take corrective action.

At least, that’s the way it’s supposed to work under free market theory.

Reagan had another famous saying: “The most terrifying words in English are: I come from the government and I am here to help.

When the government begins to meddle in the policies companies are adopting to protect their employees and customers from COVID, that is “help” that is clearly not needed.

Editorials published by TCPalm / Treasure Coast Newspapers are decided collectively by its editorial board. To respond to this editorial with a letter to the editor, send an email of up to 300 words to [email protected]

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