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Voluntary assisted dying bill: New South Wales is the only state to have laws on voluntary euthanasia yet

New South Wales politicians will consider whether terminally ill people should be able to end their own life as a new voluntary assisted dying bill is introduced in parliament this week.

NSW is the only state still legalizing assisted dying after a bill in 2017 was defeated in the Upper House by a vote.

New Prime Minister Dominic Perrottet has indicated he will support a conscience vote on the issue, as has Labor leader Chris Minns.

Sydney MP Alex Greenwich, who will present the bill on Thursday with 30 co-sponsors – including 12 from Labor – said that while there was strong support for the proposed legislation, he expects the numbers are tight.

Sydney MP Alex Greenwich will introduce the voluntary assisted dying bill on Thursday. (James Brickwood)

“The vote in both houses is going to be tight, and it will be important for me and the reform supporters to engage with every member of parliament,” he told

“I really hope we can get it through both chambers this year. But, until we start the debate, I’m really unable to make a call one way or the other.”

Voluntary assisted dying has been legal in Victoria for over two years and in Western Australia for over two months.

The parliaments of three other states – Tasmania, South Australia and Queensland – have also passed bills on assisted dying.

Mr Greenwich said NSW had been able to learn from other states and that amendments had been made to the bill to ensure it had “the strongest, strongest and best possible safeguards”.

The bill was drafted in consultation with the NSW Nurses and Midwives’ Association, the Paramedics Association (NSW), the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia, the Law Society of New South Wales, the Health Services Union, the NSW Ombudsman and providers care for the elderly. , including Unity.

Terminally ill patient resorting to “horrible” means

The bill’s introduction comes as euthanasia advocacy group Dying with Dignity this morning released data showing people who committed suicide in New South Wales in 2019 – and were over the age of 40 years – one in five people had a terminal illness.

“The sad truth is that people with terminal illnesses in New South Wales resort to tragic and often horrific methods to end their lives because their suffering has become unbearable and they have not other choice, ”said Dying with Dignity President Penny Hackett.

A Roy Morgan poll commissioned by Dying with Dignity in 2017 found that 87% of Australians support voluntary assisted dying.

Die with Dignity NSW Vice President Shayne Higson has said she hopes the bill will be successfully passed by the New South Wales parliament this time around.

“There is a kind of sense of inevitability to this because it has been passed in every other state, however, it is the Parliament of New South Wales – anything can happen,” he said. she declared.

Scott Riddle, a father of three in Sydney, has been campaigning for Voluntary Assistance in Dying since 2017, the same year he was diagnosed with stage four bowel cancer.

The 39-year-old Google executive had an 85% chance of dying within two years of the cancer spreading to his lymph nodes and liver.

Scott Riddle with with his wife Amelia.
Scott Riddle with with his wife Amelia. (Provided)

However, after undergoing intensive treatment, he has been cancer free for two and a half years.

Mr Riddle said the legislation would provide peace of mind to himself and many others.

“There is so much to worry about when you’ve been terminally diagnosed, the nature of your death shouldn’t be one of those things,” he said.

“I’ve been in this position to face a looming bad prognosis and I still have a lot of friends in a similar boat who haven’t done as well as me in terms of progress.

“I think this legislation would give all of these people and myself, if I needed it again, the peace of mind they deserve.

“No one wants to die, but if you get a terminal diagnosis, you’re going to die – it’s just about how you die.”

Scott Riddle had only gone to the GP only to check in his three children Ada, six, Calla, four and Ellis, 16 months with his wife Amelia, 36, when he was eventually diagnosed with cancer.
Scott Riddle had only gone to the GP only to register his three children Ada, six, Calla, four, and Ellis, 16 months with his wife Amelia, 36, when he was eventually diagnosed with cancer. (Provided)

Mr Riddle said it had been frustrating to watch the problem “kick in” for years in New South Wales.

“If I could tell politicians one thing, it’s not something you can just delay for political convenience,” he said.

“This is a real and urgent problem and there is a real cost to delaying this decision.”

Mr Riddle said the issue was also not as controversial as politicians appeared to be.

“If you look at any public poll, there is overwhelming public support. The only place it’s blocked is in the politics of it all.”

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GOP’s iron fist on state legislatures

Data: State of quorum; Cartogram: Kavya Beheraj / Axios

There are twice as many states that have strong Republican-controlled legislatures than those with strong Democratic-controlled ones, according to Quorum’s new 2021 State Legislative Trends report.

Why is this important: The power of state legislatures has been exposed nationwide in recent weeks, with Texas and other states passing voting and abortion restrictions, as well as coronavirus-related laws, as well as redesigning them. constituency boundaries for the next decade.

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  • Sixteen states have strong Republican control, compared to eight states with strong Democratic control.

  • Fourteen states have slight Republican control. Eleven states, plus Washington, DC, have slight Democratic control.

  • Nebraska has the only unicameral legislature and has no formal party alignment – although most members tend to affiliate with political parties in the state.

Between the lines: The data reveals how Republicans have more control over state laws in the United States, but it also shows which states could most easily be toppled.

  • Minnesota, Arizona, New Hampshire, Michigan, and Virginia have the thinnest partisan advantages in their state legislatures. Minnesota only has a 3% Democratic advantage and Virginia 16%.

  • Of the 10 thinnest state legislative majorities, only three lean Democrats.

  • The rest are pretty Republican, potentially giving Democrats a chance to regain control of more state legislatures in the next election.

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Puerto rico government

Puerto Rico Hosts In-Person Island Events with CAPA Americas Aviation & LCC 2022

Low cost carriers in the Americas continue to recover much faster than their traditional counterparts due to their lower cost structures and generally more agile networks that allow greater flexibility to take advantage of changing demand patterns.

In Latin America, the rebound in demand will be accompanied by a shifting partnership dynamic, with low-cost and ultra-low-cost operators teaming up with traditional full-service airlines to claim what remains one of the markets of most promising aviation.

At the same time, operators in the Americas are joining their counterparts around the world in striving to achieve new levels of sustainability as the industry strives to accelerate reductions in carbon emissions.

Commenting on the return of the event, CAPA CEO Derek Sadubin said:

“CAPA has developed a deep passion for bringing together innovators, disruptors and thought leaders to deliver high-level strategic insight into airline strategy and identify emerging markets. Before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, we had big plans to host the CAPA Americas summit in Puerto Rico, so we are delighted to still have the support of the Puerto Rico Tourism Company to relaunch this essential event of the industry. We look forward to showcasing this fantastic destination while reflecting on what is needed to move the aviation industry forward. “

Puerto Rico Governor Pedro Pierluisi said:

“I warmly welcome the leaders of CAPA – Center for Aviation who will be holding their CAPA Americas Aviation and LCCs Summit 2022 in Puerto Rico. Our island has a wide variety of hotels and convention facilities which each year attract an increasing number of events like theirs. Our health protocols, along with our high immunization rate, set the gold standard and positioned us as the jurisdiction in the United States with the highest immunization rate. This fact has been essential in presenting Puerto Rico as a safe travel destination and with a wide variety of tourist attractions available for everyone to enjoy. ”

Puerto Rico Tourism Company Executive Director Carlos Mercado Santiago said:

“The government of Puerto Rico is committed to facilitating the recovery of the tourism industry and its substantial and positive impact on the local and global economy. For over a year, Puerto Rico has implemented a comprehensive health and safety program specifically designed for the hospitality industry and has served as a benchmark for other destinations due to its success ”.

“Puerto Rico is very excited to host next year’s CAPA Americas Aviation and LCCs summit, as it will provide attendees with the opportunity to personally reconnect with their business partners and forge new alliances, as well as raise awareness of the potential of our island as a travel and air transport destination. access hub, ”added Mercado Santiago.

The CAPA Americas Aviation and LCCs Summit is part of CAPA’s regional summit series and is highly regarded as an industry benchmark event, providing thought leadership, valuable networking opportunities, and in-depth insight into issues and trends. that shape the local and global airline industry. CAPA is expected to release the full CAPA 2022 calendar of events later this month.

CAPA Americas Aviation & LCCs 2022 summit will be organized in accordance with Informa, the parent company of CAPA AllSecure health and safety standard. As the world’s leading event organizer, Informa has developed a comprehensive set of improved measures to provide the highest level of hygiene and safety at its events, giving everyone the confidence and confidence to participate in a safe and controlled environment. The Summit will be conducted in accordance with official government and local authority guidelines in the first instance, as well as any venue or location specific regulations.

The in-person event will also be streamed live via CAPA’s Virtual Events Series, CAPA live to provide better access to event procedures around the world.

For more information on the CAPA Americas Aviation & LCCs 2022 Summit or to register, visit

Pictured: Puerto Rico Governor Pedro Pierluisi with Tourism Company of Puerto Rico (PRTC) Executive Director Carlos Mercado Santiago, and Charlie McCurdy, CEO of Informa Markets, parent company of CAPA – Center for Aviation, at World Itineraries 2021 in Milan, Italy.

On Puerto Rico Tourism Corporation (PRTC)

The Puerto Rico Tourism Company (PRTC), founded in 1970, is a public corporation responsible for stimulating, promoting and regulating the development of the tourism industry in Puerto Rico. It promotes and oversees the growth of air and sea access options to maximize Puerto Rico’s position as one of the major Caribbean hubs; provides technical assistance to local and foreign entrepreneurs who wish to invest on the island, thus increasing the inventory of rooms and the diversity of entertainment options; assesses tourist facilities and implements comprehensive quality guidelines to ensure high quality product and customer satisfaction; markets Puerto Rico as a tourist destination in the local market through advertising, public relations and promotional activities; and operates regional information centers to provide residents and visitors with an enjoyable and memorable experience.

About CAPA – Aviation Center

CAPA – Center for Aviation (CAPA), part of Aviation Week Network, is the leading independent provider of aviation market information, analysis and data services covering global developments. Established in 1990, CAPA’s platforms help the aviation industry and supplier companies stay informed, stay connected to industry leaders, and be inspired to drive change. CAPA’s C-Level, In-Person and Virtual Business Travel Summits and Masterclasses attract key speakers, participants and stakeholders from the global commercial aviation industry. Understanding the aviation markets is our great strength and passion, while providing CAPA members, clients and partners with an unmatched level of expertise and insight. For more information and details on membership and events, please visit

About the Aviation Week Network:

Aviation Week Network, the largest provider of multimedia information and services to the global aviation, aerospace and defense industries, serving 1.7 million professionals worldwide, is part of Informa Markets, a division of Informa PLC. Aviation Week Network’s portfolio of air transport solutions includes the leading brands of Air Transport World (ATW), Airport Strategy & Marketing (ASM), Aviation Daily, CAPA – Center for Aviation, Routes and Intelligence and Aviation Week fleet data. The Airline portfolio offers face-to-face connections, essential news, analytics, business intelligence and data across multiple platforms while producing innovative and impactful marketing programs. For more information, visit

About Informa Markets:

Informa Markets creates platforms for industries and specialized markets to exchange, innovate and grow. We provide opportunities for market participants around the world to engage, experience and do business through face-to-face exhibits, focused digital services, and actionable data solutions. We connect buyers and sellers in more than a dozen global verticals, including aviation, pharmaceuticals, food, medical technology and infrastructure. As a global leader in market making, we bring a wide range of specialty markets to life, unlocking opportunities and helping them thrive 365 days a year. For more information, please visit

For media inquiries, please contact:

Annalize Vella

Marketing Manager

CAPA – Aviation Center

[email protected]

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Legislative assembly

Dilip Ghosh recalls workers killed in election violence in Bengal

Former Bengal BJP President Dilip Ghosh said on Sunday that the Saffron Party and its activists who were murdered in post-election violence in West Bengal will be remembered even more during the Durga Puja festivities. The Medinipur constituency MP said his party would always stand by their family members.

The top BJP leader pointed out that as many as 53 company workers have been abominably killed by the ruling Trinamool Congress since the results of the state legislature’s poll were declared.

“Many of the killed members had actively participated in the Durga Puja celebrations in their respective regions,” Ghosh said.

Dilip Ghosh remembers the late Sarkar in Durga puja

The BJP national vice-president marked his presence near BJP activist Abhijit Sarkar who was buried in the Beleghata district of Kolkata on May 2. Ghosh recalled that Sarkar even took part in the festivities last year.

“I visited his (Abhijit Sarkar) parar pujo (Durga Puja neighborhood) to be with his family and friends. I assured them that Abhijit would get justice,” he said.

Opposition leader in the Legislative Assembly of West Bengal, Suvendu Adhikari, visited Beleghata on Saturday. “Overwhelmed by the grief of this Durga Puja in Beleghata, Kolkata. The organizers, in memory of the local boy killed Abhijit Sarkar, victim of post-election violence, refrained from playing all his joy, to honor his memory. dhaak ‘are also silent. “

Tibrewal assures party support for relatives of deceased activist

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s opponent in Bhabanipur and West Bengal BJP leader Priyanka Tibrewal, who lost to the former in the recently held side polls, also visited the puja and assured the party would extend its support to Sarkar’s family.

A TMC executive said the ruling party in the state did not want to play politics with Durga Puja.

Abhijit Sarkar was killed in the Narkeldanga region of West Bengal by workers from the Trinamool Congress (TMC). He was strangled to death with a cable. The incident infuriated BJP leaders and workers, and a violent clash took place across the state. His family later filed several inquiries into the case, after which seven people were arrested by Kolkata police. A DNA test has been ordered for Sarkar by the High Court in Calcutta. The court later turned over the post-election violence cases to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI).

Post-election violence in West Bengal

After the announcement of the election results in the Assembly on May 2, several incidents of violence were reported in various locations. As of June 10, the West Bengal Legal Services Authority (WBLSA) had received nearly 3,243 complaints regarding a range of issues, including looting, threats, assault, sexual assault, ransom demands, land grabbing and the forced closure of businesses.

Entries: PTI

Image: PTI

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Almost 97% of voters vote ‘Yes’ for Ethiopia’s 11th region

Addid Ababa, October 10 Almost 97 percent of voters in a local referendum held on September 30 approved a proposal to create Ethiopia’s 11th region, the National Electoral Council of Ethiopia (NEBE) said.

The NEBE revealed that out of 1,262,679 votes cast, 1,221,092 votes approved the proposal to create the new region, which will be called the Southwest region, the Xinhua news agency said citing the media outlet. State Fana Broadcasting Corporate (FBC) in a report.

The results of the NEBE referendum will be presented to the upper house of the Ethiopian parliament, the House of Federation (HoF) for formal approval, before preparations for the formation of a new region begin.

The referendum vote on whether to establish a new regional state took place in five zones and one special locality, all currently located in the southern region of Ethiopia.

Ethiopia currently has 10 regions, although in recent years several ethnic groups in the country have campaigned to create their own regions, sometimes raising fears of political instability in the East African country.

Disclaimer: This article was posted automatically from an agency feed without any text changes and has not been reviewed by an editor

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Legislative assembly

Melaka: Norhizam says to return official car, government property | Malaysia

Members of Melaka Exco have been urged to remove state property. – Photo by Bernama

MELAKA, October 9 – Former Melaka State Executive Council (Exco) member Datuk Norhizam Hassan Baktee has been asked to return all government property, including the official car entrusted to him.

Melaka State Secretary Datuk TS Kamel Mohamed said Norhizam would have to return state government assets so as not to drag the issue further, disrupting the functions of state officials.

He said that so far only Datuk Seri Idris Haron, who is the former member of the Sungai Udang State Assembly, had returned the official car and government assets after resigning his post of ‘State at the Exco.

“Former Telok Mas assembly member Datuk Noor Effandi Ahmad, who is also a former Exco, said he would return the car and assets on Monday,” he said in a statement. this evening.

Thanking the two assembly members for returning the assets, he said it would help state officials focus on efforts to improve people’s well-being and revive the country’s economy. the state that was affected by the Covid-19 epidemic.

He also called on state officials to focus on implementing the projects that have been approved to make Melaka a progressive, developed and competitive state.

On October 4, Norhizam, Idris, Noor Effandi and former Pantai Kundor assembly member Datuk Nor Azman Hassan withdrew their support for Chief Minister Datuk Seri Sulaiman Md Ali.

The Election Commission (EC) received the official notification of the dissolution of the State Legislature on the same day from State Assembly Speaker Datuk Seri Ab Rauf Yusoh, after the state government led by Umno lost his majority.

Based on Article 19 (4) of the Melaka State Constitution, a state election must be held within 60 days of the date of the dissolution of the State Assembly. – Bernama

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Norelli: Legislature must repeal Governor Sununu’s abortion ban

PORTSMOUTH, NH – Last June, when Chris Sununu enacted the first abortion ban in modern New Hampshire history, the people of our state knew this was just the beginning of what would be a long attack. and relentless against reproductive rights by Sununu and New Hampshire Republicans.

This is more true than ever after the Supreme Court decision to make Roe v. Wade virtually meaningless in Texas, opening the door for Republicans in Sununu and New Hampshire to continue their attacks on reproductive rights and health services. That is why we must hold Sununu accountable for his anti-choice record and call on the lawmaker to repeal the abortion ban Sununu, which exposes doctors to criminal penalties, makes no exceptions for rape, the incest or the fatal fetal abnormality, and requires mandatory ultrasounds.

Chris Sununu’s decade-long anti-choice record is why the same threat to abortion access that plays out in Texas exists here in New Hampshire. Governor Sununu backed the confirmation of Supreme Court justices who now threaten reproductive rights. In 2017, the governor signed a letter saying he “applauded[s]”Judge Gorsuch’s appointment and urged the Senate to ‘confirm it promptly.’ In 2018, he signed another letter saying he stood” in favor “of Judge Kavanaugh’s appointment and urged the Senate to” act quickly “to confirm it. In 2020, Sununu said he supports the advancement of Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination. No matter what Chris Sununu claims about his stance on Roe v. Wade, the fact is that he supported judges who wish to strip Roe v. Wade of their reproductive rights.

Chris Sununu’s record alone, from his support for anti-choice judges to the decisive vote for funding Planned Parenthood when he was on the Executive Board, is a source of serious concern about the future of access to abortion and reproductive health care. During the legislative session, he proved he would not resist threats against abortion and reproductive health care in New Hampshire. Instead, blatantly ignoring years of bipartisan efforts to protect reproductive rights, Sununu signed the anti-choice budget this summer.

More than 200 health and medical professionals, reproductive rights activists and Granite Staters urged Sununu not to sign the budget specifically because it included a ban on abortion and mandatory ultrasounds. Sununu ignored them and the women of our state, choosing to actively lobby Republicans for budget support and calling it “the greatest budget ever.” Now that the Supreme Court has not overturned the Texas abortion ban, the door is wide open for Republican lawmakers in New Hampshire to continue their attacks on reproductive rights – and they have already said they will propose a six week abortion. ban during the next legislative session.

Sununu and the New Hampshire Republicans didn’t stop at an abortion ban and mandatory ultrasounds. Just this month, Sununu’s Executive Board voted to do what it did in 2015: fund Planned Parenthood and other family planning organizations. These Republican Executive Board members – whom Sununu aggressively campaigned for in 2020 – voted to reject family planning contracts that have enjoyed bipartisan support for decades despite thousands of pages of supporting material and the will of the majority of the Granite Staters. As a result, thousands of women and people may no longer be able to access affordable primary and preventive health care.

Governor Sununu and the Republicans in State House have made it clear to tarnish our state’s “Live Free or Die” motto and long bipartisan tradition of advocating for reproductive rights in their quest to push for restrictive legislation on abortion in New Hampshire. There has been a bipartisan backlash to Sununu’s abortion ban from people across New Hampshire, including former Republican lawmakers, who are rightly shocked at the extreme direction their party is taking. regarding reproductive health care. Unfortunately, it has become increasingly clear that Governor Sununu and the Republicans in State House have no interest in listening to their constituents and are determined to continue attacking our reproductive rights.

We must hold Chris Sununu and the Republican legislature accountable for trying to deny us our reproductive rights. Democrats are already calling on the legislature to completely repeal Sununu’s abortion ban and mandatory ultrasound requirement. I urge other lawmakers to join their call to action and stand up for the women and people of New Hampshire.

This story was originally published by InDepth NH.

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Upper house

Poland’s decision raises fears of leaving the EU

BRUSSELS – Senior officials from two founding members of the European Union on Friday expressed fears that a Polish decision challenging the supremacy of EU laws could trigger the country’s exit from the 27-country bloc.

France’s European Minister Clément Beaune insisted that the ruling handed down by the Polish Constitutional Court on Thursday was an attack on the EU, while Luxembourg’s Foreign and European Minister Jean Asselborn said the Poland “played with fire”.

They spoke out a day after the court ruled that Polish laws took precedence over those of the 27-nation bloc, which Poland joined in 2004. The ruling further escalated lingering tensions over democratic standards between the nationalist government. of the right of the country and the Brussels institutions.

The majority decision of the court – in response to a case brought by Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki – said Poland’s accession to the EU does not give the European Court of Justice supreme legal authority and does not mean that Poland had transferred its legal sovereignty to the EU.

[Video not showing up above? Click here to watch »]

EU Chief Executive, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, said she was “deeply concerned” by the decision and pledged a quick analysis of its significance before the EU act. She also hinted at possible trade disruptions with Poland.

The Polish prime minister called for the review after the European Court of Justice ruled in March that new Polish regulations for the appointment of Supreme Court judges could violate EU law. The ruling forced the Polish government to abolish rules that gave politicians influence over judicial appointments. To date, Poland has not done so.

Beaune has said he does not want Poland to leave, echoing a sentiment widely shared in Brussels and Poland, where Morawiecki recently called potential fake news “Polexit”. Some 80% of Poles support EU membership.

The Polish Senate on Friday adopted a resolution declaring that the upper house of parliament “will guard the national interests which lie in Poland’s continued presence in the European Union”.

The resolution says it is the court’s decision that conflicts with the Polish constitution and expresses concerns that an opinion issued by a court “controlled by the ruling party is a legislative prelude to bringing Poland out. of “the EU

Information for this article was provided by Monika Scislowska, Angela Charlton, Geir Moulson and Mark Carlson of The Associated Press.

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Puerto rico government

ME&A cabinet announces new management | News, Sports, Jobs

The board of directors of ME&A, an international development company headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland, has named Teresita Perez president and CEO. Perez succeeds Thomas C. England, who has led ME&A since the company was founded over 35 years ago and is originally from Chautauqua County.

“I am deeply honored to be able to serve ME&A and the countries and communities where we work. In today’s world, the COVID-19 pandemic demonstrates the dangerous links between health and inequality. In many places, COVID-19 is also worsening the impacts of climate change and natural and man-made crises. These and other impacts of COVID-19 threaten to roll back some of the development gains of the most vulnerable countries ”, said Perez. “But people everywhere are resilient and, with the right support, will recover, overcome these challenges, and create a better future for themselves and their communities. I look forward to continuing ME&A’s work to support and improve the quality of life, tackle inequalities, and promote economic growth around the world in the years to come.

Perez, one of the co-founders of ME&A, has held a number of leadership roles in the company, including COO and Executive Vice President. She is an expert in international development programs and management, government procurement and institutional capacity building with experience overseeing government funded projects in the United States, Africa, the Middle East, Europe. East, Latin America and the Caribbean. She holds both a Bachelor of Arts and a Masters of Psychology from the University of Puerto Rico.

“Everyone who has worked with Teresita over the past 35 years knows her commitment to action, quality, integrity and people” said England. “Her extensive experience with ME&A makes her uniquely positioned to guide ME&A through these difficult times with courage, agility, integrity and an unwavering dedication to ME&A values.

England grew up in Cassadaga and Dunkirk and attended central schools in Cassadaga Valley and graduated from Dunkirk High School in 1958. He was a graduate of the State University of New York at Fredonia and the first principal of the development office of the city of Dunkirk.

Prior to co-founding ME&A, Perez was Special Assistant to the US Secretary of Health and Human Services, Nominating Office of Presidential and National Committees; Senior Policy Analyst at the United States Conference of Mayors; co-author of a study on federal support for the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico; and consultant for several USAID-funded projects.

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Kleefisch: “Premature” to say whether it would allow the legislature to overturn election results | Politics: your voice, your vote

MADISON (WKOW) – The frontrunner to be Gov. Tony Evers’ Republican challenger next fall declined to say on Friday whether as governor she would sign a bill making lawmakers the ultimate decision-maker on election victory .

When asked if she would sign such legislation if she held the highest office of state, Rebecca Kleefisch said she had not seen any drafted legislation proposing to give electoral certification powers to the legislature.

“So I think it would probably be extremely premature for me to comment on a bill that hasn’t even been drafted or an idea that I’ve heard floating around,” Kleefisch said.

In January, an Arizona Republican state official drafted a bill that would allow lawmakers to overturn the results of a presidential election. Representative Shawnna Bolick of Phoenix has proposed allowing the legislature to take away the ability of the Secretary of State to nominate the state’s presidential voters.

Arizona’s legislative session ended without Bolick’s bill being passed. Lawmakers there passed a bill that took responsibility for defending the lawsuits of the secretary of state, now a Democrat, and instead handed it over to the attorney general who is now a Republican.

In December, PBS Wisconsin reported that two representatives of the Republican state of Wisconsin, Representative Jeff Mursau (R-Crivitz) and Representative David Steffen (R-Green Bay), joined a lawsuit arguing that state legislatures should have the final say on a state’s election certification. results. A federal judge dismissed the lawsuit in January.

Lawmakers in Wisconsin have not proposed a bill similar to the one that was not brought forward in Arizona.

“You’re talking about an idea I’ve never heard of among lawmakers or even the people I talk to across the state,” Kleefisch said. “So for me to try to comment on the future text of the bill that has not been drafted would be terribly premature and irresponsible.”

Ann Jacobs, a Democratic member of the six-member Wisconsin Election Commission and currently chair of the WEC, described the Arizona bill and the trial Mursau and Steffen joined as “anti-American and anti-democratic. “.

“Any political candidate who makes it a policy or refuses to denounce it refuses to denounce anything that is anathema to our American way of life,” said Jacobs.

Earlier this week, the Assembly-appointed investigator into how Wisconsin conducted the November election issued subpoenas to mayors of the state’s five largest cities before going back on the document request and testimony in at least some of the municipalities according to Madison City Attorney Michael Haas.

Messages to the appointed special adviser, former State Supreme Court Justice Mike Gableman, were not immediately returned. The Gableman operation receives $ 676,000 in taxpayer dollars.

Following dozens of court challenges and recounts in the state’s two most populous counties, courts have held that President Joe Biden won Wisconsin last November by more than 20,000 votes.

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