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Municipal elections: women outnumber men

Women voters outnumber male voters in the upcoming biennial elections to 25 Legislative Council seats in 20 local authority constituencies across the state.

Municipal elections: women outnumber men

Of the 98,846 voters registered on the list, 51,474 are women and 47,368 are men. Most of the voters are those who were elected to the gram panchayats in the elections held in December 2020. In total, the Election Commission proposes to have 6,073 polling stations in these constituencies to enable voters, who are members of local bodies urban and rural, to vote.

Of the 20 local authorities, the constituencies of Belagavi, Vijayapura, Dharwad, Dakshina Kannada and Mysuru will each elect two members to the Legislative Council. While the fight would be direct between parties in other constituencies, it is these dual constituencies that challenge parties before they present candidates.

Belagavi Local Authority constituency has the largest number of voters with 8,871, followed by Dharwad – 7,502, Vijayapura – 7,385, Mysuru – 6,764 and Dakshin Kannada – 6,043 voters.

“The parties carefully calculate their trips to present two candidates in these constituencies. Since it is preferential voting system, candidates of the same party can fight for the same votes and the party can end up ldare to have two seats, ”said a congressional leader, adding that members of the Legislative Assembly had an important role to play in rallying the support of party candidates in these elections. Among the constituencies that elect a member, the Kalaburagi Local Authority constituency has the highest number of voters with 6,990, while the Kodagu local authority has the lowest number of voters – 1,328.

The absence of members of the taluk and zilla panchayats in these elections could reduce on average around 200 to 250 votes in all constituencies, while it immediately reduces 198 votes in the constituency of Bengaluru due to the absence of councilors. of the BBMP. While the state government has postponed the taluk and zilla panchayat elections, the issue of holding elections to the BBMP council is before the courts.

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