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Man (25) seriously injured by gunshot in Cork city

Gardaí in Cork has opened an investigation after a 25-year-old man was seriously injured in a shooting in the city last night.

The man was shot in the upper body when a gunman fired through the door of his house in O’Mahony Square in Blackpool, in the north of the city, around midnight.

It is understood that the man’s injuries were not life threatening, but he was rushed by ambulance to Cork University Hospital where he underwent emergency surgery.

Gardaí immediately opened an investigation into the shooting, which saw the gunman flee in a car, although it is not clear whether he was driving himself or whether he had an accomplice.

Gardaí found a burnt-out car in Kilnap on Old Mallow Road a few miles from the shooting 30 minutes later and they are investigating whether it could be the getaway vehicle.

Gardaí has ​​cordoned off both the house and the scene where the car was found and both have been declared crime scenes and Garda’s technical experts are due to examine both sites later today.

The man is believed to have been shot only once, but Gardaí is hopeful that Garda’s ballistics experts will be able to establish what type of weapon was used in the shooting when they examine the scene.

Investigators are also hoping to get permission from CUH medics to speak to the man later today when he is deemed fit for an interview to see if he can help them with their investigations into the shooting.

Gardaí has ​​also started door-to-door investigations in the O’Mahony Square neighborhood as well as on Old Mallow Road to see if anyone noticed anything suspicious late last night or early this morning.

They also began to prospect homes and business premises in the Blackpool area to see if the shooting or getaway or any suspicious activity had been captured by CCTV.

Gardaí says they are keeping an open mind about the motive for the shooting and have called anyone with information that can help them to contact the Mayfield Garda station on 021-4558510.

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