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Mahagathbandhan on brink of split, RJD likely to challenge MLC polls on his own, Congress says he is capable of challenging on his own

January 30, 2022 2:47 p.m. STI

New Delhi [India]Jan 30 (ANI): Ahead of Bihar Legislative Council elections likely to be held in March-April this year, Congress’ Mahagathbandhan-Rashtriya Janata Dal is set to split as Tejashwi Yadav refused to contest the whole election, following which Congress declared the party capable of contesting all 24 seats on its own.
Notably, in the elections held on these 24 Legislative Council seats in 2016, the Congress party contested 4 seats, in which it was only able to win one seat. This time, the Congress party wanted to compete for 6 seats within the framework of the alliance, on which the talks were unsuccessful.
Interestingly, in the month of October 2021, by-elections were held for two seats, Kusheshwar Sthan and Tarapur for the Bihar Legislative Assembly, in which RJD and Congress decided to stand separately.
Tejashwi had hinted Saturday when speaking to the media that his party would challenge the MLC polls alone and that RJD is in alliance with the New Delhi Congress.
Speaking to ANI, Bihar Congress Speaker Madan Mohan Jha alleged that his party leaders asked the RJD leader for time to hold talks on seat sharing but they did not. received no response from him.
“Our leaders have been looking for time to meet with Lalu Yadav so that there can be talks on seat sharing, but so far no time has been received from Lalu Yadav’s side. Therefore, the party of Congress is preparing to contest the Legislative Council elections at its level,” he said.

Madan Mohan Jha referring to a statement by Lalu Yadav said that after the by-elections in Bihar, Lalu Yadav said that the alliance partners will fight the upcoming Legislative Council elections together and give 6-7 seats in Congress in the Legislative Assembly. Council elections. Therefore, the RJD supremo must decide on the alliance.
Jha added that RJD needs to make a decision on the future of the grand alliance in Bihar.
“There is a difference between the statements of Tejashwi Yadav and Lalu Yadav, so first the father-son will have to decide whether he wants to keep the grand alliance or not. of the election of the Legislative Council or not,” he said.
Speaking about his own party’s position, Jha said Congress is capable of running the 24 seats on its own and the party has a slate of candidates ready to go.
“The Congress party is capable of contesting the 24 Legislative Council seats to be held in Bihar. The party has a long list of candidates who want to contest the elections. We are very strong in many seats and can participate effectively in the elections “, did he declare.
However, the state congress chairman clarified that the party high command will take the final call on any challenge to the 24 council seats.
“All the information has been given to the Congress high command and now the party high command has to make the final decision to run for 24 seats,” he told ANI. (ANI)