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Lok Sabha President Om Birla Honors Yediyurappa with Best Legislator Award

Bangalore, September 24 (IANS): Former Karnataka Chief Minister and top BJP leader BS Yediyurappa was honored with the Best Legislator Award by Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla at the legislature ahead of Friday’s joint session speech.

Speaker of the Legislative Assembly Vishveshwara Hegde Kageri, when announcing the award at the joint session, said that Karnataka will receive the Best Legislator award for members of the Legislative Assembly starting this year, on the basis for the best parliamentary prize awarded annually to Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha.

Yediyurappa said he honestly tried to meet the aspirations of the people in the temple of democracy. “I accepted the award with all humility,” he said.

Om Birla, addressing the historic joint session of the Karnataka legislature held to commemorate the 75 years of India’s independence on the subject “Democracy – Safeguarding democratic values”, said the blocking of the procedures of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha in a planned way is not a good development.

Parliamentary democracy in India has strengthened over the years. The successful conduct of 17 parliamentary elections and more than 300 parliamentary elections since India’s independence reflected the country’s strong democratic roots, he said.

The transfer of power has also been peaceful and harmonious in the country. The parliamentary democratic system has been accepted as the best system for running a country across the world, he said.

“However, the pre-planned blocking of the work of parliament is not in the highest traditions of democratic principles. Democracy allows differences of opinion. It is good to debate and to defer. But, to launch slogans. in parliament is not a good trend, legislators should focus on drafting laws and meaningful discussions, ”he noted.

The Congress Party State Unity boycotted Om Birla’s joint session speech. Former Chief Minister and House Leader JD (S) HD Kumaraswamy said the party did not want to disrespect the chairman of Lok Sabha and that they attend the joint session.

JD (S) K. Annadani’s lawmaker launched slogans calling for the speech to be delivered in Kannada as soon as Om Birla began his speech in Hindi.

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