Lincoln County and Town of Brookhaven send demands to Legislature – Daily Leader

The mayor of Brookhaven and the chairman of the Lincoln County Board of Supervisors said they have submitted their funding requests to the Legislature for the 2022 session. The area senator said as many needs will be met as possible , although statewide demands once again exceed available funds.

Senator Jason Barrett (R, D39), of Brookhaven, said good stewardship of public funds is necessary to meet as many demanded needs as possible.

As always, the monetary demands of various agencies and entities in Mississippi exceed the available public funds. My intention is to make smart and informed decisions to allocate the funds in such a way that we can do as much as possible to help meet the current needs of the people, while making a positive difference in the long term, ”said Barrett.

The senator and lawyer said he expects the Senate to consider policy-oriented bills, including such topics as: tax relief but not a “tax swap”; eliminate the inventory tax for small businesses; implement salary increases for teachers; criminal justice reform; providing health care to Mississippian workers; employer / employee exemptions from COVID vaccines; health care and strengthening the nursing workforce; the initiative process; Congressional and legislative redistribution; equal pay; rehabilitation of state public parks; and the adoption of the state budget for fiscal year 2023.

“The tax relief and medical marijuana proposals could be the two most controversial issues during the current session,” Barrett said. “I will be author and co-author of many bills this year. If passed, these bills will help meet the needs of District 39 and our state. “

Elected in 2020 to fill the seat left vacant by Sally Doty – who spans Lincoln, Lawrence, Copiah and Walthall counties – Barrett is vice-chair of the Senate Municipalities Committee and sits on the following activities: economic and workforce development ‘work ; Environmental protection, conservation and water resources; Ethics; Provident fund for the executive; Finance; Judicial A; and public property.

“It is an honor to serve southwestern Mississippi. My commitment remains to represent the voice of the people, ”Barrett said. “I can be contacted at [email protected] or 601-833-1177 with questions or concerns.”

County, city requests

Funding infrastructure is the main concern of the Lincoln County Board of Supervisors for the 2022 legislature.

“We have asked our lawmakers to help us with additional funding for roads and bridges,” said Lincoln County Council Chairman and District 5 Supervisor Doug Falvey.

The town of Brookhaven has similar concerns. Mayor Joe Cox submitted the following list of funding requests on January 7.

  • Water Supply System Upgrades – Brignall Well – Renovation of existing well, upgrade of power supply and replacement of controls to provide back-up water supply to the City. $ 450,000.
  • KDMC Well / Iron Removal / pH Adjustment Plant – Construction of a new water treatment plant to service the new Kings Daughters Medical Center water supply well to ensure supply Continuous water from KDMC in case of power failure or other emergencies. $ 750,000.
  • Reconstruction of Brookway Boulevard – I-55 to the highway. 51 – Seeking continued support for the reconstruction of this ¾ mile segment to include adding landscaped medians, upgrading / replacing 4 traffic lights, adding curbs / gutters on the north / south edges, the enclosure of roadside ditches (piping) and the reduction of access conflicts. Total cost of $ 5,500,000. Remaining to finance 3.75 million dollars.
  • Wastewater treatment – Lagoon improvements – Dispersion by dredging of the accumulated sludge of the island, installation of a solar-powered algae eliminator, installation of new aerators and installation of a new bypass pipe, to allow ” lower the level of the lagoon, without adversely affecting the plant’s operating efficiency. $ 525,000.
  • Sewage Treatment Plant Upgrades – Sludge digester retrofit / repair, new fine influent screens, new activated sludge pumps, new sludge treatment facility $ 8.85 million.
  • Sewerage Service Extensions to Unserved Areas – Extension of sanitary sewer service to residents within city limits who currently do not have access to centralized sewage disposal. $ 1.3 million.
  • Citywide Sewer System Rehabilitation – Rehabilitation of the manhole liner and sewer main of some of the worst mains in the system to reduce infiltration and inflow during heavy rains. $ 5 million.