Legislature Passes High Point Zoning Bill | New

HIGH POINT – The City of High Point’s legislative priority recently became law.

Last week, the NC General Assembly passed House Bill 263, which amends the city charter to authorize the city council to delegate authority to decide zoning cases to the Planning Commission and of zoning, which is now mainly an advisory board.

The council called for the legislation last year as a way to streamline the rezoning process for development projects.

The bill passed the House of Representatives unanimously in 2021, and the Senate followed suit during the final days of the recently concluded legislative session.

It went into effect as soon as it was passed, though implementing it will require council action, said city legislative councilor Fred Baggett, who drafted the bill and helped guide it through the process. of approval.

“They will have to pass an ordinance that establishes a structure for the operating procedure,” he said. “But they’re completely free to shape that however they want.”

The city’s current procedure is for the commission to hear zoning cases and make a recommendation for approval or denial to the council, which makes the final decision.

Under the bill, if authorized by council, the commission would have the power to make a final decision on a rezoning.

Baggett said several local governments, including Greensboro, use this procedure.

In seeking the bill, High Point leaders touted it as an option that could be used to deal with non-controversial zoning cases.

The legislation includes a provision for an appeal procedure to the council if a candidate’s case is rejected by the commission.