Legislative assembly

Legislative aides protest unpaid wages and salaries

The Forum of Legislative Assistants of the National Assembly protested against the non-payment of their salary arrears of more than 33 months.

Participants at a capacity building workshop for legislative assistants in Abuja used the opportunity to press their grievances after exhausting all other constitutional avenues to have them addressed.

They complained about the National Assembly’s patronage and nepotism, which benefits only a small group of people and violates the principles of fairness, justice and fairness.


They want the director general of the Institute to put pressure on the leadership of the National Assembly to address their growing concerns.

But DG Abubakar Suleiman urged protesting legislative aides to convey their grievances to the leadership of the National Assembly and get their message across with tact and decorum.

The National Institute for Legislative and Democratic Studies is committed to providing quality training to 80% of legislative aides to the National Assembly by the end of the 9th Assembly.

The Institute said it will continue to ensure training and retraining of legislative staff is supported to ensure a vibrant legislature.

He also urged the trainees to make good use of the knowledge gained to impact the country’s electoral process as they play a critical role in government transitions.