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Kayamkulam MP Prathibha expresses regret over FB post that criticized CPM leadership

Alappuzha: Kayamkulam MLA U Prathibha has expressed regret over a controversial social media post in which she criticized the CPM leadership alleging leniency towards those responsible for eroding votes in the constituency during the election of the Kerala Legislative Assembly in 2021.

Earlier, CPM district secretary R Nazar revealed that an explanation was demanded from Prathibha for his criticism of the party leadership on social media.

“Still to receive the MP’s response. If no explanation is given, action will be taken,” R Nazar said on Thursday.

In a detailed report submitted to the district committee, the party’s Kayamkulam regional committee refuted the MP’s allegations of vote leakage in Kayamkulam. The report also pointed out that the MP violated party procedures.

Prathibha’s margin of victory in the 2016 and 2021 national elections was 11,857 and 6,298 votes respectively.

Management is said to be unhappy with the MP for criticizing the party on a public platform. In a Facebook post, Prathibha said the party failed to survey the falling vote share in Kayamkulam constituency and those who colluded against it escaped action.

The party also took note that the post, which was published on February 21, was only taken down on Friday morning. The post also includes remarks against the regional committee of the Kayamkulam party and the CPM-led administration of Kayamkulam municipality. Following this, the district management sought the explanation.

Some leaders have pointed out that the Facebook post can be construed as against state leaders, as they know that Prathibha has complained to state leaders about it before.

What action is likely?

The PMO may remove an offending legislator or member from elective party positions if no explanation is given in the published notice or if the explanation given is not deemed satisfactory.

Prathibha is currently a member of CPM’s Thakazhi Regional Committee. The most likely course of action would be to remove her from that position and retain her as an ordinary member. As she is an MP, there would be no drastic action like expulsion from the party. But since she is a member of the regional committee, the approval of the district committee is needed to take action against her.

The party has yet to respond to its apology released on Friday morning.