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Journalist Should Not Dramatize Incident and Create News: Allahabad HC: The Tribune India

Lucknow, July 1

The Allahabad High Court has rejected the bail request of a journalist accused of encouraging suicide, saying a journalist is not supposed to dramatize sensational incidents and create life-threatening news. a person in danger.

A Lucknow bench of Judge Vikas Kunvar Srivastav made the observation while rejecting the plea of ​​journalist Shamim Ahmad, co-accused of encouraging a mentally and financially distressed man to kill himself, and filmed it outside of the Uttar Pradesh Assembly Complex on October 20 last year.

In an order, the judge said: “You don’t expect a journalist to dramatize a sensational and horrific incident and make the news by putting his actor in a pitiful state and in danger of death.

The journalist keeps an eye on the anticipated or sudden events that occur in society and brings them to everyone’s information through various news media without any falsification. That’s his case, the judge observed on June 21.

Dismissing the bail application, the judiciary observed: “The prosecution case against the accused / Shamim is prima facie established that he told the deceased, living in mental and financial distress, the temptation and intention to get rid of it. He was present with the deceased at the scene of the incident and filmed him.

The order in the case was posted on the court’s website on Thursday.

According to another government lawyer, Prem Prakash, the old town man, Surendra Chakraborty, had a tenancy dispute with his landlord Zaved Khan over whom he had brought a civil action. On October 19 last year, Khan reprimanded the man to set himself on fire and die if he was unable to leave the accommodation.

“Subsequently, journalists Shamim Ahmad and Naushad Ahmad contacted the man and instigated him to set himself on fire in front of the Assembly building so that they could film the incident and broadcast it to the television. If that happens, the case will come to light and no one will kick her out of her house, ”Chakraborty’s wife said in her police complaint on the basis of which the FIR in the case was registered. .

She lodged a complaint with the Hussainganj police on October 20 last year.

The court ordered the court of first instance to speed up the trial process and possibly conclude it within a year.

He told the trial court, however, that he did not need to be swayed by the submissions made by that tribunal in the bail dismissal order.

Opposing the bail application, Prakash, based on evidence gathered during the investigation, argued that according to the plan, the victim struck outside the Legislative Building at the gate No. 3 on October 20 of last year, stood in the middle of the road, put on oil and set himself on fire.

Meanwhile, a man identified as journalist Shamim Ahmad was seen recording before the incident. Instead of saving the man, the journalist or the accused continued to film him until he was badly burned, he said.

Police officers were also seen trying to save Chakraborty from the fire in the confiscated film, Prakash added.

He died in hospital on October 24. PTI

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