JD (S) plans padayatra after legislative session, says Deve Gowda

Claiming that the Janata Dal (S) would start the padayatras after the legislative session to fight for various state issues, former Prime Minister HD Deve Gowda said on Sunday that the party would fight over the issues of Krishna, Mekedatu and Mahadayi.

“The chief minister said he would talk to his party leaders in Maharashtra about Krishna and solve the problem. If the problem is fixed, that’s fine. Otherwise, we will start a padayatra from Krishna’s basin, ”Mr. Gowda told reporters here. “The JD (S) will fight for the problems of the Upper Krishna project, the Mekedatu and Mahadayi rivers. After the padayatra, we will take a delegation to the Prime Minister. If the state government takes a delegation, our party is ready to join it.

He added that he would symbolically participate in the padayatra for a day. “I will be part of the wrestling, but considering my advanced age, I cannot fully participate in padayatra. The fight will be led by [former Chief Minister] HD Kumaraswamy, ”he said.

The padayatra will start after the legislative session ends and will continue until the next legislative session, scheduled for November, Patriarch JD (S) said, adding that he would visit each district to strengthen the party. “People think we are limited to the Old Mysuru area. When I was Chief Minister, our lawmakers also won the Hyderabad Karnataka region. I will decide which districts I will go to, ”said Mr. Gowda.

He asserted that Congress and the BJP are not fighting over these issues although they have formed governments. “What has the BJP government done in the past two years? The Center delayed the Mekedatu project under pressure from Tamil Nadu, ”he said.

Referring to the opposition parties that rallied against the NDA led by Narendra Modi, Mr Gowda said regional parties were strong in their respective states. “I am not sure of the nature of the leadership against Mr. Modi. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, who is also fighting Mr. Modi, should go ahead, ”he said.

The former prime minister also expressed his disappointment with the way the recent parliamentary session unfolded. “Unfortunately, I did not have the opportunity to speak in the struggle between the ruling and opposition parties. I am deeply disappointed. In my opinion, the parliamentary session was a mess. None of the questions regarding the ordinary man was discussed.

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