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Is Suresh Gopi in the account for the Kerala BJP chief position?

Thiruvananthapuram, September 25 (IANS): Superstar Suresh Gopi’s name as the new President of Kerala BJP has been in the air for a while now and it seems to have gained momentum following news of his departure for Delhi on Sunday.

And according to knowledgeable sources, Gopi will meet with Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union Home Minister Amit Shah next week.

Gopi was appointed to the Upper House in April 2016 and in between contested two elections – the 2019 Lok Sabha election from Trissur and the recent 2021 Assembly polls, from the Assembly constituency of Trissur – on a BJP ticket, but had to bite the dust at once.

Since the BJP lost its only seat in the Kerala Assembly polls held on April 6 and also saw its share of the vote decline, the national leadership of the BJP has been cut off from the current leadership led by the chairman of the ‘State K. Surendran.

Besides, for a long time the Kerala unit of the BJP has been a house divided with leaders attached to factions playing to spoil the fortunes of the party and it is here that Gopi’s name is heard.

In addition, Surendran is currently entangled in a few cases including an electoral case, in which he has already been questioned and a new summons has been sent to him asking him to represent himself, as well as in another case, which concerns money transactions. During the recent parliamentary elections on April 6, a court asked him to give his sample of votes, after an audio clip surfaced where his sound is heard talking about money to another boss of left.

And joining the fray for the impeachment of Surendran was 74, once a powerful former organizing secretary of Kerala BJP – PP Mukundan.

“It is better that Surendran withdraws following the prosecution against him. And as his name is cleared, he can always come back. The scene today is that the BJP is in trouble,” said Mukundan.

The only big advantage of Gopi is that he is an acceptable person to the large number of apolitical supporters of the BJP and that is where the eyes of the national leadership lie, because throughout Kerala the frontline leaders of the BJP and the leadership have failed to progress and also Gopi has a good relationship with the Catholic Church.

So the next few days will reveal whether Gopi is destined for new heights, while the leaders of the BJP states will have a few moments of anxiety.

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