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Independent Goa MP resigns | City News, The Indian Express

Former minister and independent MP Rohan Khaunte tendered his resignation to the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of Goa on Wednesday. As speculation rises that he may soon be inducted into the BJP, Khaunte has said he will announce his decision in a few days.

” I resigned. The political situation is changing, what Congress and others are doing, new parties have arrived… the whole political scenario in Goa is changing, ”Khaunte said.

Although he did not say whether or not he would join the BJP, he said he was not heading to the Trinamool Congress (TMC). “Some people said Khel Jatlo and opened a Khenlyache dukaan (toy store). I think Goans shouldn’t become toys. I will not be in the toy store and I will let Goans be treated like toys, ”he said.

Khaunte, who was twice elected as an independent from Porvorim constituency in north Goa, was among the regional leaders who had met with TMC chief Mamata Banerjee on his first visit to Goa in October.

While previously planning to join Congress ahead of the next Legislative Assembly polls, Khaunte said on December 10 that he would run again in the next election as an independent candidate.

With his resignation on Wednesday, Khaunte became the fourth deputy in Goa’s 40-member Legislative Assembly to step down ahead of elections scheduled for February.

Meanwhile, Goa BJP chairman Sadanand Tanavade, who held a meeting with the party’s Porvorim bloc on Wednesday, did not comment on Khaunte’s possible entry into the BJP. He said Khaunte did not approach the BJP.