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House still to clear more than two thirds of the 36 listed legislations

The winter session of Parliament will conclude on December 23 and there are only nine sittings left. But more than two-thirds of the 36 pieces of legislation, listed by the Center for consideration and adoption, are yet to be taken by the House.

Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha passed a dozen pieces of legislation in the first two weeks of the session. Rajya Sabha has passed five bills in the past two weeks, including the bill to repeal the three agricultural laws. Lok Sabha has passed around seven legislations.

The two Houses usually meet for five to six hours a day. The time for government business is generally three to four hours a day, except Friday. So, in fact, there are approximately 32 hours for discussion of these 24 bills. About four bills are listed for withdrawal, which do not require discussion.

Waiting wink Cabinet

Some of the legislation, such as the cryptocurrency regulation and the official digital currency Bill and Banking Acts (Amendment) Bill, is not yet cleared by Cabinet and submitted to MPs. Bills such as the Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and the Elderly (Amendment) Bill, Chartered Accountants, Cost and Business Accountants and Company Secretaries (Amendment) Bill, Insolvency and La bankruptcy (Second Amendment), the cantonment of the bill, the inter-service organizations (command, control and discipline) the bill, the Indian Antarctic Bill, the Emigration Bill, the Indian Marine Fisheries Bill, the Commission Commission The National Dental Bill and the National Nursing Midwifery Bill were supposed to be considered by Parliament in the Winter Session. The government had assured farmers that the Electricity Law changes, listed earlier, would not be brought to parliament without consulting the Samyukt Kisan Morcha and other stakeholders.

decreased productivity

The productivity of both Houses came down in the first two weeks, compared to recent previous sessions of Parliament. However, in the second week, both chambers showed signs of returning to normal.

Rajya Sabha, according to Vice President Venkaiah Naidu’s office, worked six percent more during the second week of the winter session. He managed a 51 percent productivity time and the House spent 34 percent of the operational time on drafting laws. “The suspension of 12 RS members for an act of the previous session, without following the low-laying procedure, is utterly undemocratic, unprecedented and blatant violations of procedural rules and constitutional provisions,” said head of the opposition Mallikarjun Kharge.

Smooth out the differences

Despite a leadership from President Venkaiah Naidu, the government and the opposition are still airing the differences over the suspension of the 12 opposition MPs. While the opposition says the Center has not made any proposals yet even a starting discussion, the government and the BJP argue that MPs can enter only after placing House an unconditional apology. This impasse is expected to continue even after two weeks of the start of the winter session of Parliament.

The High Court and Supreme Court Judges Wages Amendment Bill, passed in Lok Sabha, is reported for Monday in Rajya Sabha. The upper house for 14 cases dealt with hours 57 minutes of the scheduled hour of 28 sat hours 30 minutes during the second week. The upper house lost 28 hours 03 minutes due to disruptions and adjournments.

Meanwhile, the issue of farmers is likely to come up again in Parliament. BJP MP Gandhi Varun moved a bill to legalize MSP.

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