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Hoping for a last-minute ‘miracle’, Union minister RCP Singh circles spiritual leaders

Union Minister Ram Chandra Prasad Singh appears to have become a highly religious person following his party, the Janata Dal-United (JD-U), denying him a third consecutive term in the Rajya Sabha. This means that Singh, more popular as an RCP, will have to leave the Narendra Modi cabinet once his six-year term expires on July 7. The JD-U led by Chief Minister Nitish Kumar instead appointed a party loyalist Khiru Mahato to the Upper House. of Parliament, thus destroying all his hopes of continuing as a minister.

It sounds strange, but the Union minister met one spiritual leader after another and sought their blessings after visiting their ashrams. Over the past three days, Singh has met with a number of spiritual leaders such as Swami Chidanandji Saraswati, Swami Kailashan and Giri Maharaj, Swami Awadheshn and Giri Maharaj and Srimati Sahilbala Pandya (Shanti Kunj, Haridwar) after visiting their ashrams.

Although his visits to these religious places have been described by his supporters as courtesy visits, his opponents say that Singh had visited the spiritual leaders in the hope of a “last minute miracle”. “This miracle is not possible until the Prime Minister personally intervenes in his case and appoints him to the Rajya Sabha, but that would be tantamount to annoying his Bihar ally Nitish Kumar and risking the NDA government in the state” , commented a political analyst.

What is even more interesting is that its supporters virtually declared war on the JD-U leadership and prophesied “utter destruction” on those who attempted to reduce it to its size. “Itihas gawah hai. Pahle vanwas, fir sadhu-santon ka ashirwad, fir yudhh ka shankhnad…firahankari ka sarvnash (History is a testimony that disaster comes at the end. The first step is exile, then the blessings of saints, then follows the declaration of war before annihilation finally arrives), read a comment on “Ramchandra Ki Sena,” a Facebook group believed to be run by the minister’s supporters.

His supporters were outraged shortly after Chief Minister Nitish Kumar announced he would appoint someone else to the Rajya Sabha this time, while Singh urgently demanded his third term in the House to continue in office. as Union Minister. This is set to bring his ministerial career to an abrupt end barely a year after entering Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s cabinet. His followers had not imagined even in the wildest dream that this would happen with Nitish Kumar’s man of caste Singh. Moreover, both are from the same district of Nalanda and have been together for the past three decades.

A bureaucrat who rose from administration to politics and eventually became Union Minister, Singh’s rise through the halls of power was meteoric, so to speak. His rise began soon after he resigned from the coveted Indian Administrative Service (IAS) and joined the JD-U. He was first appointed to the Rajya Sabha in 2010 and then reappointed for the second consecutive term in 2016. Shortly after, he became the party leader in the Rajya Sabha, replacing Sahard Yadav, before d to be finally named national president of the party.

However, problems started soon after he came to Modi’s cabinet, which many believed was against the wishes of the chief minister who wanted more places for his party leaders, but the former only accepted only one seat. He has further earned the ire of the party leadership after he allegedly has no interest in getting the BJP to strike a seat-sharing deal in the UP assembly elections. In due time, the relationship deteriorated further, and in the end he had to leave.