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Hanson shows Palmer’s man about the house

The socialist left faction of the Victorian Labor Party has rarely had such good times. One could almost say Premier Dan Andrew’s outfit ended up in (worker’s) heaven.

Opponents of the faction on the right remain trapped in the wreckage of the Adem Somyurek car accident, At Jacinta Allan’s Official anointing as Andrews’ heir apparent helps keep socialist left atop factional pile and prime minister Anthony Albanian is a fellow traveler.

Prime Minister Daniel Andrews is a member of the Socialist Left faction.Credit:Paul Jeffers

It’s not a bad time for the gang of three who have led the socialist left in recent years – Matthew Hilakari, Casey Nunn and Dylan Wight as secretary, assistant secretary and head of unions respectively – to bow out.

Hilakari – brother of Trades Hall supremo Luc Hilakari – won shortlist for the Point Cook seat in the state election, Wight will contest another seat in the western suburbs, Tarneit, and Nunn had a recent stint in the campaign crucible with a tilt in the Senate during the federal election in May.

“The faction is in a good position, Hilakari told the comrades with considerable understatement. “We are the largest cohesive group in the party. We continue as a group to play a stabilizing role which has provided a platform for Labor to perform at its best.

Hilakari and Nunn’s places in the revolutionary vanguard will be taken by a union official Kat Hardy and lawyer Julijana Todorovic.

Wight’s old gig will be split between Michael Watson of the Electricity Trades Union and President of the State Party Susie Byerwho also sits on the national executive of the Labor Party, has a day job with the community and public sector union and will campaign in the November state election for a place in the upper house of Metro North.

It is to put the “worker” in the working class.


As Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Marc Milley is the highest ranking officer in the US military and no doubt knows all kinds of highly sophisticated military technology. But while in Sydney to meet with military officials, the general-in-chief reacted with awe after meeting Otter, the transcription app reporters at Sydney’s Shangri-La Hotel were using to record his conference call. hurry.

General Mark Milley, chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff.

General Mark Milley, chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff.Credit:PA

He even wanted to have a ride, talking in FinancialTimes journalist Demetri Sebastopulo call. One of Milley’s advisers was less impressed, pointing out the app’s vulnerability to Chinese espionage.

Milley didn’t seem bothered, even though minutes earlier he had warned reporters that China wanted to “bully and dominate” the Indo-Pacific.


There was more bad news for Australian tech company Nuix on Wednesday, with the company notifying investors of the departure of the company secretary Michael Egan and General Counsel brian Krupczakto be replaced by Ilona Meyer who will join pharmaceutical giant Boehringer Ingelheim.

What hasn’t been announced is that Nuix’s Executive Vice President for the Americas, Ethan Treesealso left, as well as the head of the company’s – very important – engineering operation Paul Keen.

The departures follow a warning of dismal results for the 2021-2022 fiscal year with profits, profits and contract values ​​all down sharply from the previous year and only attorneys’ fees – in the midst of multiple high-profile lawsuits the company is facing. – ascend.

But it’s not all bad news. Australian Ethical Investments is keeping the faith, spending around $640,000 for another million Nuix shares at around 64 cents on July 19, after the $29 million the fund had already plunged since last June.

This latest installment was worth $570,000 on Wednesday.

In the midst of it all, the CEO of Nuix Jonathan Rubinsztein is keeping its eyes on the big picture, predicting that the company’s new statement of intent – “to be a force for good, finding truth in the digital world” – would spark a “vigorous internal debate about what what is good and what is true”.

Without a doubt. We believe they will have plenty of other things to discuss as well.