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Haiti faces new instability as prime minister comes under scrutiny

Port au Prince – The Haitian government begins to crumble as Prime Minister Ariel Henry faces increased surveillance from authorities investigating the president’s murder. Henry sacked the justice minister on Wednesday night.

Henry sacked Justice Minister Rockefeller Vincent the day after he sacked the Prime Minister of Port-au-Prince. He linked the prime minister to the prime suspect in the murder of President Jovenel Moise.

Meanwhile, Leonardo Rubelis, who was secretary general of the Council of Ministers in Haiti for more than four years, could not remain under the command of a suspicious person, declaring: “On the contrary, I have not the intention to cooperate with and seek justice. Noted. , By all means, to prevent it. “

Rubelis also said he was concerned about the alleged evidence against Henry in the murder.


“May each minister be at the top of his mission at this historic crossroads,” he said.

Henry’s spokesperson declined to comment, but Vincent was not immediately invited to comment.

Henry appointed Liszt Kitel as Minister of Justice and Hosue Pierre Louis as Secretary General of the Council.

Port-au-Prince Chief Prosecutor Bedford Claude asked to meet with Henry on Tuesday, explaining why he had two phone conversations with key suspects just hours after Moise was killed on July 7. .. House. Suspect Joseph Badio was fired from government anti-corruption forces in May and remains a fugitive.

On Tuesday, Claude ordered the judge in charge of the case to prosecute and investigate the prime minister based on the evidence. A few hours later, a new attorney general replaces Claude on Henry’s order. Henry accused Claude of “gross administrative negligence”.


The day before Claude’s sacking, Vincent ordered the head of the Haitian National Police to strengthen the security of prosecutors, saying he had recently been “considerably disturbed”.

Robert Fatton, a political expert on Haiti at the University of Virginia, said the development highlights the collapse of Moise’s Tettkel party.

Some politicians agree with Henry, others are leaving and trying to recover from the turmoil of assassinations and the recent earthquake that claimed more than 2,200 lives in preparation for the upcoming presidential and legislative elections. This could make the country even more unstable.

Among those who have left is Senator Joseph Lambert, a former ally of Moise. He recently declared himself interim president in a move unrecognized by the Henry administration and the international community, with the support of only a few politicians.


“I don’t know how long the power struggle will last,” Fatton said. “Everything is embarrassing. We have to wait to see if things work out and if Ariel Henry wins the fight.

Henry, who was appointed prime minister shortly before Mois was killed, said this week he was focusing on Haiti’s stability and would not be distracted by summons, maneuvers or intimidation, and has publicly talked about the matter. not.

Civil protection agencies such as Haiti’s ombudsman recently called on Henry to step down and urged the international community to end his support.

On Wednesday evening, a large group of diplomats reached an agreement between Henry and other political leaders, a comprehensive government that “maintains national cohesion and allows the country to resume its path to political stability.” Posted a statement saying it would encourage training efforts.

A select group of ambassadors from Germany, Brazil, Canada, Spain, the United States, France and the European Union and representatives from the United Nations and the Organization of American States also demanded that they “focus on the assassination”. Moses.


More than 40 suspects have been arrested for murder, including 18 former Colombian soldiers accused of torturing while in detention by Haitian authorities. The investigation encountered several setbacks, including the threat of murder forced to cover up a clerk and the resignation of a judge after the death of one of his assistants under uncertain circumstances.


Koto reported from San Juan, Puerto Rico.

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