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Governor Hochul announces nearly 11 million Excelsior Passes issued to date and reminds New Yorkers to collect their Excelsior Plus Pass

Governor Kathy Hochul announced today that more than 10.9 million Excelsior Passes have been issued to date. As the nation’s premier platform continues to evolve to meet the needs of New Yorkers, and as original Excelsior Pass types expire, the state is reminding New Yorkers to grab the latest Pass option and the most robust available, Excelsior Pass More.

“As New Yorkers continue to navigate these difficult times, our state continues to lead the nation with bold and transformative solutions,” Governor Hochul said. “New York will continue to use digital technology to better meet the needs of the people we serve. I encourage all interested New Yorkers to obtain their Excelsior Pass More today.”

Excelsior pass More– the latest and most comprehensive Pass option – is a secure digital copy of an individual’s COVID-19 vaccination record, which, as a record, does not expire. Validated by New York State and built on open, interoperable standards now used by more than 23 US States, Puerto Rico and Canada, New Yorkers can use their Excelsior Pass More at these and other locations where SMART Health Cards are accepted. The past More also includes an individual’s booster dose or additional dose(s), provided they are is recovered three to four days after administration. Just like Excelsior Pass, a negative Pass test More is also available.

State Health Commissioner Dr. Mary T. Bassett said: “Just as you would take good care of your paper CDC vaccination card or driver’s license, every New Yorker should collect and keep their Excelsior Pass. More. Giving individuals direct access to their health information allows them to take an active role in decisions that impact their health and well-being. I applaud the continued collaboration — across a multitude of New York State agencies — that uses technological innovation to improve public health.”

Launched in March 2021 as the nation’s first COVID-19 ID system, Excelsior Pass was originally designed to accelerate New York’s economic reopening while giving New Yorkers direct access to their vaccine information and the tests. Based on federal and state guidelines, all Excelsior vaccination passes met the CDC’s definition of fully vaccinated. As outlined in the most recent CDC guidelines, which the New York State Department of Health adheres to, individuals should keep up to date with all recommended vaccines. From June 30, Excelsior pass Morewith its record-based format and additional features, will be the only type of Pass available to New Yorkers. Already well established and in use, over 4 million Excelsior passes More have been issued to date.

The First Deputy Director of the Budget Division, Sandra Beattie, said: “The development of the nation’s first COVID-19 identification system has been important to New York State and New Yorkers. Creating safe and secure technology delivered through accessible and elegant interfaces is something the state government can and should do more of. start, the Excelsior Pass platform, and the New York State Wallet app were designed to evolve with resident needs, and both tools have done so at every stage. More allows New Yorkers to retain their vaccination and testing information while allowing the state to consider the solutions people need next — and there will be more to come.”

After the launch of Excelsior Pass, New York State launched the Excelsior Pass Scanner app for businesses. To date, over 215,000 downloads of the Scanner app have been made, representing use by hundreds of thousands of businesses and organizations that have leveraged the tool to support reopening activities.

In August 2021, New York State launched Excelsior Pass More, expanding more uses for New Yorkers, including travel and commerce opportunities. Retaining the same rigorous security and privacy features, the updated Pass More is designed as a digital health record, built using the SMART Health Maps framework. Supported by the state’s world-renowned partnership with the world-renowned Vaccine Credential Initiative, Excelsior Pass More helped New York lead the development of a set of shared and harmonized standards that have since been adopted by states nationwide, territories such as Porto Ricoand countries, including Canada. New York State has worked with each entity to ensure credential compatibility and acceptance across borders.

Rajiv Rao, New York State Chief Technology Officer and Deputy Chief Information Officer, said: “The New York State Wallet app and Excelsior Pass solution architecture have and continue to build the foundation for a stronger, more resilient digital state. Every day, these solutions deliver flawless people. As we consider New York’s post-pandemic recovery, we must continue to push the boundaries of how clinical information and government services are delivered.The future of New York State must not just have infrastructure, but a digital infrastructure, designed to meet the current and emerging needs of residents.

As the state continues to evolve and expand the Excelsior Pass platform, increased support has been offered to other states and entities to accelerate the development of interoperable solutions. In October 2021, Governor Hochul announcement the availability of New York State Excelsior Pass Master Plan – the country’s first framework to assist other states and governments in the development of digital health credentials, based on the Excelsior Pass platform and Excelsior Pass More the solution.

Every New Yorker Should Visit epass.ny.gov to collect their free Excelsior Pass More. New Yorkers can hold as many Passes as they are eligible for, and parents and guardians can hold Passes for children under 18. Passes can be deleted at any time in the New York State Wallet app.

New Yorkers can learn more about the Excelsior Pass More to FAQs here.

To download the New York State Excelsior Pass Blueprint, visit the link here.