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From internal tension over PASO to pragmatism: the government is keen to reverse the ballot

“To treat”. this seems to be the buzzword in the Government, in Kirchnerism or in Peronism. What is it about? To try to reverse the result. Or try to reduce the differences, especially in the province of Buenos Aires. And try to lose as few senators as possible so that the vice-president Cristina Kirchner keep control of the upper house.

A priori and with the bad results of PASO on September 12, this seems to be a difficult task, even if in Argentina there is nothing defined, especially in politics.

For now, the ruling party has started to put all the cards on the table, after the cabinet changes and the crisis triggered by Alberto Fernández and his Vice. From increased social spending to the demand for door-to-door voting, as the president, his all-terrain chief of staff, has already demonstrated. Juan Manzur and the governor of Buenos Aires Axel Kicillof.

Between the two, reunion and public reconciliation and Forced by reality? of Alberto and Cristina, trying to bury the “war of the roses” version 2021.

Manzur, the one chosen to reverse history

Juan Manzur took charge of the election campaign today. A drink difficult to digest for Kirchnerism which has always seen in the governor of Tucumán on leave, representing him in a way of doing politics with which he does not share.

With Manzur, the ruling party changed its motto and went from “in Peronism, it was always garchó” to “God help us”. Quite a mystical evolution.

The problem is whether all of this will be enough to overturn an election. The figures of the economy do not help and the gestures of politics less.

Now at Casa Rosada they cling to the effects of a unsuspected opening of quarantine, where anything goes. Until the public returns to the football fields and the return of international tourism. Without forgetting the cinemas, theaters, shopping centers and restaurants functioning as in the pre-pandemic era.

And they also seek the support of the whole apparatus which has always functioned under the aegis of Peronism. Governors, legislators, mayors and even CGT. Everything serves Alberto and Cristina to add voices. Although they must mix with La Cámpora.

If it will work? God only knows. The same God that Manzur asked for help.

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