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Frenzy to change name to deputy to court the electorate

Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh): We say what’s in a name, but in Madhya Pradesh, the name says it all.

All state policy revolves around renaming government buildings, train stations, bus stops, and universities in an attempt to woo the electorate.

The wave of name changes began on November 15, the anniversary of the birth of tribal chief Birsa Munda. It was announced that November 15th will be celebrated as Tribal Pride Day. On the same day, Habibganj station was renamed after Gond Rani Kamlapati station.

Indore Patalpani Station has been renamed in honor of tribal icon Tantya Bheel.

The Minto Hall, the former vidhan sabha (legislative assembly), has been renamed in honor of the founding member of the Bharatiya Janata party, Kushabhau Thakre, and will be known as the Kushabhau Thakre Hall.

Minto Hall was built by Nawab Sultan Jahan Begum, the fourth and last begum in Bhopal.

She named the Hall Minto Hall to congratulate Lord Minto, then Viceroy of India. In 2018 Minto Hall was rebuilt and is currently in use as a convention center.

Kamal Nath’s previous government established Chhindwara University in Chhindwara, which was renamed Raja Shankar Shah University Chhindwara.

According to the latest decision, the spiritual department will be renamed “Dharmik Nyas and Dharmik Vibhaag” (Department of Religious Trust and Religious Affairs). The state has also created a Department of Happiness.

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan announced the renaming of the district from Hoshangabad to Narmadapuram.

Former Congress Minister Sajjan Verma advocated renaming Indore with Gwalior.

Many rulers have asked to rename Indore to Ahilya Bai Nagar. The municipality adopted a proposal and sent it to the state government to rename Bhopal to Bhojpal.

Likewise, there was a demand to change the name from Idgah Hills to Guru Nanak Hills. It is said that Guru Nanak Dev ji, the first guru of the Sikhs, stayed here and the place is home to his footprints.

Former Chief Minister Uma Bharti has already called for the name change of the Halali Dam.

Bhopal MP Pragya Singh Thakur called for changing names of Islam Nagar, Lalghati, Halali Dam and Halapura bus stand in Bhopal.

Some congressional leaders have also called for renaming a few other locations. Some opposition leaders have questioned the name changes, but the BJP is moving forward with changing place names that are reminiscent of slavery.

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Posted: Sunday January 09, 2022 10:39 am IST