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American Samoa’s location in the United States makes it an easy to form anonymous LLC.

American Samoa’s location in the United States makes it an easy-to-form anonymous LLC”

—Don Wellington

TAMPA BAY, FLORIDA, USA, June 10, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Traditionally, the preferred states for registering an LLC in America have been Delaware and Wyoming. What if there was an even better option available? What if the best state to form LLC was not a state at all, but a territory? Since 2018, it is no longer just an idea, but a reality: Anonymous SARL form in American Samoa. To get started, visit llc.as.gov to register a limited liability company.

Benefits of American Samoa’s Unique Location

One of the main reasons why American Samoa is the best LLC to start today is its unique location in the world. The territorial capital of American Samoa, Pago Pago, is approximately 2,500 miles from Hawaii and nearly 5,000 miles from the mainland United States. An American Samoa LLC cannot be sued without the other party’s attorney physically appearing in a courtroom in American Samoa. This virtually eliminates the possibility of dishonest lawyers or former clients bringing frivolous lawsuits. Not even Wyoming or Delaware can offer this kind of protection.

Taxation in American Samoa

American Samoa is the only unincorporated territory of the United States; unlike incorporated territories like Puerto Rico, the federal government’s relationship with American Samoa is much looser. At the request of the local government, residents of American Samoa are treated as US nationals, but as citizens of Samoa. No state tax. Indeed, American Samoa has its own independent tax authority which is modeled after the IRS, but distinct from it. This protection of business income from the prying clutches of the Internal Revenue Service is another major benefit of setting up an LLC in American Samoa.

Safeguarding personal property

In today’s interconnected world, with an ever-growing list of apps and services with nebulous and arbitrary terms of use, it can be easy to forget that individuals still have a constitutional right to privacy. . When opening an LLC in American Samoa, identities remain anonymous to everyone. If LLC privacy is important and you don’t want the world to know who owns a Anonymous SARL.

A Bright Future in American Samoa

American Samoa Limited Liability Company Act in 2018, it was the first step towards making American Samoa the best state to form LLC. He signaled American Samoa’s intention to compete with other business-friendly sites to become the new headquarters for businesses of the future. With the internet now able to connect this remote archipelago to the rest of the world almost instantly, now is the time to set up an LLC in American Samoa. The benefits are just too good and too numerous to pass up.

LLC Meaning

An LLC, or limited liability company, is a type of business entity that a company can form by filing documents with the state. An LLC can have one owner (called a “member”) or multiple owners.

The words “limited liability” refer to the fact that LLC Members cannot be held personally liable for business debts. In a dispute with a commercial creditor, members may lose the money invested in the business, but their personal assets are not at risk.

Form anonymous llc today for as little as $150 at llc.as.gov.

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