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Delta County Central Dispatch is hiring now

ESCANABA, Mich. (WLUC) – Delta County Central Dispatch is recruiting now, and the manager says every day is different.

“Some days it’s pretty quiet and we don’t have a lot to do other than normal traffic stops and minor calls, then there are other days when both people are really multitasking, doing a lot. things at once, ”said Jen Peterson, director of Delta County Central Dispatch.

Dispatch recently promoted from the inside opening a full time position. Two people will be hired, one full time and one part time.

“We’re going to hire two people, and then whoever performs the best in our in-house training will have the option of going into the full-time position if they want to,” said Peterson.

To be considered for the position, applicants only need a high school diploma. All professional skills will be taught in a 14 week training course.

“There are a few sections. There are several trainers that you spend time with and then we just have minimum requirements that need to be met to be successful in this training program, ”said Peterson.

Policies and procedures, prioritization of calls and learning to multitask are some of the topics of the training. The deadline to apply is this Friday October 1st.

Delta County Central Dispatch is also seeing a change in leadership.

“Our management has been managed by the city of Escanaba for many years now, so basically the only thing that changes is who manages us. It is therefore the management that will be entirely entrusted to the board of the 911 Authority, ”said Peterson.

The distribution will remain with Escanaba Public Safety, but only as tenants. This is an internal change, and the audience won’t notice a difference

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