Decoupage Commission sends card to County Legislature

The Onondaga County Redistribution Commission on Wednesday approved a map with new legislative districts by four votes to two.

One of the three maps, it divides several municipalities into new districts.

“We came up with what we thought was an attempt at compromise and a card that people believe in,” said Dustin Czarny, Democratic Elections Commissioner for Onondaga County.

“We made changes based on population, which we were required to do by law, and these changes reflect demographic changes over the past 10 years,” said commission chair Kevin Hulslander .

The committee meetings were marked by a conflict between Hulslander and Czarny. Czarny stressed that public comments overwhelmingly called for the redistribution process to be extended.

Hulslander said he disagreed with the comments, and the comments were simply a parrot of Czarny’s rhetoric.

Czarny then attempted to move a motion to add more public hearings over a two-week period – it was never passed.

Courtesy of Onondaga County

“And read the transcripts of the hearings, and I know that most of those comments, in regards to Dustin’s account, were that we rushed the process, and we didn’t rush it.” Three weeks is a long time, ”Hulslander said.

“There are three avenues that can get here,” Czarny said. “The county legislature can reject the card, send it back to us and come up with a different card. Or they can accept it. If they accept it, the other two ways for those who want to fight the cards are to have a permissive referendum. , or put the cards on the ballot for the next general election, or take legal action, or both. As a member of the commission, I would not be part of this lawsuit because I would be also sued. ”

The card is now heading to the county legislature for a vote.

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