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Congress will easily cross majority bar in Goa, says Rahul Gandhi

Congress will easily clear the majority bar in Goa and unlike last time, the party will “act immediately” to form its government in the coastal state, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said on Friday.

Speaking to the media at a press conference here, Gandhi also said the party would seek to rejuvenate the state’s tourism sector, while restarting the mining industry at the earliest.

“This time we are going to get a solid majority and we are going to act immediately to make sure we have a government in Goa. We will not fall short. I think we will be well above the majority with ease,” says Gandhi.

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Twenty-one is the magic number in the legislature of the 40 member states.

The Congress had become the largest party after the 2017 elections, but the delay in building up the required numbers led to the Bharatiya Janata Party forming a government in the coastal state.

He also said Congress would focus on transforming Goa into an IT hub to address the unemployment problem in the state.

“I want to go into detail about the central issue of Goa, i.e. unemployment. Why the people of Goa believe that Congress is best placed to solve this problem. We propose to concentrate our money and our energy on making Goa into an IT hub and knowledge center so that many young Goans can get jobs in the IT industry and connect to the rest of the world,” he said.

“We are going to allow legal and sustainable mining. This will give a lot of jobs to the people of Goa. Tourism is a huge asset that Goa has and we will protect this asset. tourism industry. and I have had extensive discussions with them. I have a plan to completely rejuvenate the tourism industry,” Gandhi said.

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