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Congress tries to corner Karnataka’s BJP government

Congress is trying to project a united front and exploit the loopholes in the ruling BJP.

Congress is trying to project a united front in Karnataka and effectively exploit the fault lines within the ruling BJP while keeping an eye on the 2023 Karnataka Assembly elections. The division of the BJP and its very slim majority emboldened the state Congress.

The two main leaders of the State Congress, Karnataka Pradesh Congress Committee (KPCC) head DK Shivakumar and former chief minister and opposition leader in the State Assembly Siddaramaaiah, point out place a united spectacle to strengthen the organization of the party and seize power in power as it is.

Interestingly, Karnataka is the state where the BJP has not been able to overtake the vote share of Congress so far. In the 2018 parliamentary elections, although the BJP became the largest party with 104 seats in the Assembly of 224, Congress won 1.8% more of the vote than the Saffron Party. In the 2018 parliamentary elections, Congress won 80 seats, while the secular Janata Dal led by HD Kumaraswamy won 37. The 2018 parliamentary elections in the state resulted in a suspended assembly. Even in the 2008 legislative elections, where the BJP won a majority on its own, Congress won more votes.

RMN Hegde, a Bengaluru-based political analyst, said: “In Karnataka, Congress is able to effectively challenge the ruling BJP against other states where it competes directly with the Saffron Party like Gujarat. , Madhya Pradesh, Uttrakhand or Himachal. Pradesh, because rival factions led by the former chief minister and leader of the opposition in the state assembly S. Siddaramaiah and the head of the Karnataka Pradesh Congress Committee (KPCC) DK Shivakumar have tried to bury their differences now and unite on all issues.

Over the past six months, Congress had destabilized the government on many issues. The Saffron Party faces its own internal contradiction and this has emboldened Congress. During the Legislative Assembly session, members of Congress had cornered the government.

In addition, the factionalism of the BJP harms him enormously and gives Congress all the opportunities and he would be the natural beneficiary.

This week, many congressional leaders from the dominant Vokkaliga group had a meeting where they decided on 2023 plans among the powerful Vokkaliga. In recent years, the Vokkaligas have started to change their allegiance to the JD (S) and with leader DK Shivakumar as the head of the State Congress, Congress feels an opportunity to secure more seats in the Vokkaliga belt. and reduce the JD (S) to Size. Many prominent JD (S) leaders such as Member of the Legislative Assembly K. Srinivas Gowda can join Congress. It could help the party in JD (S) stronghold. The leaders of Congress are convinced that they have a very good chance in the times to come.

Senior Congressman and Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) MB Patil said: “We are well prepared for the upcoming Assembly elections. We organize meetings with the leaders of the various communities in the state. During the first wave of Covid, Congress promised to cover the cost of return tickets for migrant workers; Likewise, we had announced that KPCC would try to get Rs 100 crore to vaccinate the population of the state for free. All this had destabilized the BJP. Our clear strategy is that the Pradesh Congressional Committee will take to the streets for the people’s problems and that our 70 or so MPs will corner the government in the assembly. We hope that it will give us the desired results in the 2023 Assembly elections. ”

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