Upper house

Congress takes advantage of independent BJP-backed RS candidate Subhash Chandra

With the open backing of two Bhartiya Tribal Party (BTP) and twelve independent lawmakers, Congress’ advantage over the independent BJP-backed Rajya Sabha candidate, media baron Subhash Chandra, has given troubled nights to the senior BJP leaders ‘housed in a beach resort’ near Jaipur as Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot claimed he had secured the support of 126 House of 200 MPs to win three out of four seats in the the election of members of the Upper House scheduled for June 10 here.

Two BTP MPs, Ram Prakash Dindor and Rajkumar Dindore, led by a delegation of tribal people, today met the Chief Minister at Circuit House in Udaipur and held discussions on tribal grievances issues and future developments. The two MPs announced they would vote for all three Congress candidates in the election, citing CM, an OSD said in a message from WA to the media.

Meanwhile, independent candidate Subhash Chandra told a press conference here that in addition to 30 BJP MPs, he has the support of three RLP MPs as announced by his party leader Hanuman Beniwal, LS MP from Nagaur, who had previously abandoned his party’s alliance with the NDA government. about farmers’ problems. Chandra, who needs the votes of 41 MPs, said he also had the support of nine other MPs saying, “I’m not afraid of anyone. I will work for Rajasthan if I am elected RS”.

Trying to lure former assistant pilot CM Sachin who once caused a political storm against CM Gehlot, Chandra recalled that the late Rajesh Pilot was a good friend of his, and now Sachin is a very dedicated and dynamic leader. “I approached him (Sachin) saying that this is a golden opportunity to seize, and if he misses this opportunity, he will not have the post of chief minister until 2028.”

In his response on Twitter, Pilot remarked: “Some advice from the ‘independent’ candidate from Rajasthan – best to withdraw from the contest before the June 10 vote. It is better to lean towards humility than towards humiliation. Unfortunately, politics is not like making television series where you choose who does what!! “.

CPIM secretary Amra Ram told SNS: “There is no way that the two MPs from her party will vote for the BJP and its backed independent candidate Chandra. We are awaiting the order from the party Politburo on our decision that we made last Sunday at a meeting here on the RS polling strategy”.

In the House of 200 MPs, the ruling Congress has now estimated open support from its 109 MPs, including support from one RLD, 13 independents and two BTPs. While BJP has a total of 71 MPs and RLP 3 so far.

Four incumbent RS MPs (all from the BJP) would complete their terms on July 4. Om Prakash Mathur, KJ Alphons, Ramkumar Verma and Harshvardhan Singh Dungarpur of the BJP will retire from the RS seats (of Rajasthan). The Congress three, the BJP one and the Independent Open are vying for 4 seats, and to win all four they need to get 41 votes first. All 65 BJP MPs have “badabandi” at a resort in Jaipur, while all Congress MPs, three candidates and other supporting MPs have been staying at a 7-star hotel in Udaipur for five days.