Upper house

Congress MPs walk out during Prime Minister’s speech in Rajya Sabha

On Tuesday, February 8, congressmen created a ruckus and slammed of the Upper House as Prime Minister Narendra Modi responded to the motion of thanks on the President’s speech to Rajya Sabha.

“We left the prime minister’s speech on the vote of thanks because instead of talking about the president’s speech, he blamed Congress,” Congress leader Mallikarjun Kharge said, justifying the MP’s disrespectful action of his party.

PM Modi hits out at Congress during response to vote of thanks on President’s speech to Rajya Sabha

During the response to the motion of thanks on the President’s speech to Rajya Sabha, Prime Minister Narendra Modi lashed out at opposition leaders who had fun presenting a disappointing image of India in the house . He said: “Some colleagues presented a disappointing picture of the country in the house. It was as if they were enjoying these moments. When I see such disappointed people, I feel like the ups and downs are part of public life. Winning and losing are also part of life. However, the disappointment you feel after the defeat should not be imposed on the country.

He explained that some opposition leaders are still stuck in the past. He added that it doesn’t matter which side the leader sits on. He can belong to the party in power or to the opposition. However, this does not mean that he becomes a disappointed leader and loses the will to lead. He further urged opposition leaders not to lose the will to work.