Broome Legislature approves budget and tax cuts

Residents of Broome County will pay slightly less on their property taxes for the fourth year in a row.

The legislature on November 4 approved the proposed budget of $ 409 million for 2022, which provides for a 0.12% reduction in property taxes.

The only general ledger changes proposed by County Executive Jason Garnar were amendments made during budget discussions.

In a joint statement from Legislative Chairman Dan Reynolds and Finance Committee Chairman Steve Flagg, lawmakers say they continue to have reservations about the amount of revenue that will be generated over the next year given the coronavirus pandemic continues and uncertain economic conditions and promises careful monitoring of spending.

Garnar welcomed the 13-to-1 vote approving his budget proposal.

Garnar also issued a statement. The Democrat highlighted new programs in the spending plan, including a new youth mental health program, road and infrastructure improvement plans and the addition of a new post in the planning department.

Reynolds and Flagg announced that the county executive will hold a public budget hearing on Wednesday, November 10.

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