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Brawl breaks out at Etche council headquarters in Rivers over mass lawmakers

A scuffle broke out at the council headquarters of the local government of Etche in Rivers State on Monday over who is legitimate to retain the Mace in the Etche Legislature.

The trouble began when the head of the legislature, Cynthia Nwala, attempted to remove the mace from the council seat and was arrested by the council’s security chief.

Explaining why she decided to remove the mace from the council seat, Nwala said: “We went to sit yesterday to screen the watchdogs. After reviewing them, the advisers asked me to go with the mace because the board is being renovated and it is not safe to keep the mace there.

“As I was leaving after the screening, the CSO went to lock the board. As I asked him why, he walked over to me, dragged me out of the car, ripped my dress and slapped me.

“I locked the car, he got into his own car and brought a machete which vandalized the car. After breaking the car, he recovered the sledgehammer.

Meanwhile, board chairman Obinna Anyawu, who has been singled out in the crisis, has responded to the incident.

In a statement on Tuesday, Anyanwu said security chief Chinedu Onyeche only responded to a distress call from advisers to retrieve the house chief’s mace.

He claimed, however, that the CSO did not harass anyone but only made sure the masses were safe.

The head of the council also explained that it is constitutional that the mace be kept with the sergeant-at-arms and not the leader.

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