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Awards Event for Socially Responsible SMEs in Macao and Hong Kong to be Launched

An award initiative to celebrate SMEs in Macau and Hong Kong who stick to ethical business practices and sustainable business models will be organized by the Macau Ricci Institute of Saint Joseph University and Wofoo Social Enterprise.

In reference to Alfred Deignan SJ (1927-2018), the inaugural edition of the Deignan Award for Responsible Entrepreneurship will reward SMEs in the two RAS who engage in ethical business practices and create sustainable business models guided by the principles of justice, solidarity, subsidiarity and the common good.

To be eligible for entry into the Deignan Prize, SMEs in Hong Kong and Macau are defined as businesses that employ less than 100 people, with a panel of judges to shortlist three finalists with the Deignan Prize winner to be unveiled during the awards ceremony on March 25, 2023.

Macau Institute for Corporate Social Responsibility in Greater China; Saint Joseph University; the Hong Kong International Institute for Educational Leadership as well as the Center for Catholic Studies at the Chinese University of Hong Kong are the supporting institutions for the award.