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Assam Cabinet bans ministers from announcing new programs without approval

The Assam government on Thursday banned all ministers, including Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma, from announcing any new programs without prior clearance and taking into account the availability of financial resources.

The decision not to announce new schemes to public programs was taken during a council of ministers chaired by Sarma.

During official tours and public programs, ministers will only provide information on schemes that are already part of the budget or any other government announcement, said an official statement shared by Sarma on Twitter.

“In the interest of financial prudence, the CM and other ministers will not make any further announcements without taking into account the availability of adequate financial resources. However, after consultation with departments, schemes may be adopted as requested during function,” he added. .

The cabinet has decided that the budget session of the Legislative Assembly of Assam will start on March 14 to present the state financial statements for the financial year 2022-23.

Addressing a press conference after the cabinet meeting, Health and Family Welfare Minister Keshab Mahanta said traffic would not be disrupted beforehand during the Chief Minister’s road trips.

“If necessary, traffic may be interrupted for a period not exceeding two minutes. Also in this case, the movement of ambulances will have priority over the CM carcade and will not be stopped,” he added.

To minimize public inconvenience, the chief minister’s carcade will be limited to six cars in Guwahati and 12 vehicles in the rest of the state, excluding escort and pilot vehicles, Mahanta said.

The cabinet has also decided that the practice of congratulating and gifting ministers and senior officials at government functions will be discontinued, but visiting dignitaries will be given appropriate courtesy.

Mahanta said the cabinet had asked the State Election Commission to schedule and organize municipal elections by March 10.

Furthermore, he said that the District Day will be observed by all districts on the date of notification of its establishment and should be celebrated enthusiastically with the participation of local people.

“If notification is not available, the date of joining the first deputy commissioner will be observed as a district day,” Mahanta added.

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